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Firebug has a bug. Bottom Location Stuck at Full Screen. Help?

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Hi Folks! I'm on a MAC.

I keep Firebug at the bottom location, ALWAYS. One day I accidentally grabbed and pulled the top edge of Firebug to the top, opening it vertically to full screen. In other words... Firebug's top edge rests against Firefox's bottom edge just below the address bar.

What's my problem? I'm unable to mouse of those two edges to change the cursor from pointer to grabber (or other forms) to pull the firebug window back down. Basically... I can't view the website I'm bugging.

Yep, I can use it at the top location, on the left or right locations but I hate using it like that I prefer the bottom.

What have I done to try and remedy this? Glad you asked...

I tried resetting firebug by removing it's profile and cache from the MAC - Nope. I tried removing firebug compeltley and deleting all related instances on the MAC - Nope. I removed all of firebug and firefox from my MAC - reinstalled everything - NOPE!

WTH man!! This is almost app poltergeist, scary stuff.

Maybe I'm not deleting everything? Maybe there's a reset it to "factory" default settings? Can't find it if there is. I've attached an image. Any ideas here?

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You can try to rename (or delete) the xulstore.json file in the Firefox profile folder.

You can use this button to go to the currently used Firefox profile folder:

You can also try to reset firebug prefs on the about:config page or remove its lines from prefs.js while the Firefox application is closed.