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I was put thru to conductive techs in calif by firefox. is legit?

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I use Firefox several years no problems. I tried Monday to open Chase account to pay bill but only brought up numbers ,could make no payment or get into regular page.upon calling Chase was after lengthy conversation was told nothing on their end as could get it with internet explorer,said it was my browser typed into ask to ask for phone number of Firefox and number I called told me computer compromised. After much time (80yrs old) i let him into computer. Told me all bank information was gotten into and he connected me to company called ConductiveTechnologies stockton ca./ their phone #877-816-564. my question is whether you do business like this for compromised computers The more I think about this I am wondering if on up and up . I stopped their fee on charge today and need advice on what have happened. Typed in phone # and phone search told invalid number.

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AS far as i know firefox does NOT have a phone number and will not have one. What it sounds like TO ME is that you got scammed in to giving out your bank account details to some one. How ever Conductive Technologies is a real company but a simple Google search shows that there number is not the one you provided, in the post. I would recommend you call your bank and dispute the charges or let them know you account may have gotten compromised. Did he have you down load anything when you let him on to your computer? Like a program called "Wendy" or any remote management programs? If so then your computer may have been compromised by a Scammer

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Mozilla does not provide any support by telephone for Firefox or any other program.

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Other than a short lived email support service done by a third-party company several years ago, Mozilla does not have the resources to have a call center for phone, email or chat support of the various Mozilla products and projects.

Sir.Mayo said

AS far as i know firefox does NOT have a phone number and will not have one.

Firefox certainly does not have a phone# as it is the current name of this browser (was Firebird and Phoenix before) and not a company or such as that would be Mozilla.

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Thanks for the correction James, But yes op Mozilla does not offer phone support the only thing I would say you could do is what i posted in my first post.

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Please call you bank and law enforcement and complain, NOW ! ! !

Also, your computer may have been compromised. You need to have it checked out now.

You should change your account numbers, and anything else that Tech got into for your own security.