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firefox crashes and process won't terminate, deleting profile won't fix

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a few days ago my firefox started acting weird. after random time, usually about 30 - 100 minutes after using it, it would crash. in fact, it doesnt "crash", but actually just stops loading pages. when i then close it, the firefox process keeps going in the background. and nothing i do, not even terminating it will kill it completely. it just stays.

on this website it says you can try deleting the profile.ini file. so i did that, and it does infact kill the process and let me start firefox again. BUT! this time, it instantly crashes again. on the first page i try to load it dies and doesnt load it, and when i then check the task manager, there is TWO firefox processes (the first one reappears, out of nowhere it seems).

i also tried reinstalling it COMPLETELY (deleting every firefox folder i could find on this pc) and am up to date with the versions. i did the same to java and adobe, just in case. doesnt fix.

there are of course many other things to try on this website, and i think by now i tried all of them. they do work for the moment. they will untangle firefox and let me start it once more, but with not much success as it will create another process and crash right again.

i've also tried safe mode with network, and it actually works there. interestingly, if i then restart the pc again, it will work just one more time without a crash - well, until i shut down the pc and start it a second time, where the problem will reappear.

yesterday the same thing happened to skype! when i started it there then were two skype icons in the task bar, one of them being completely dead (you couldnt even click on it, and right clicking it would open a small, empty box) and the other one being the actual skype, but just not working because no matter how hard you tried, you couldnt log in. however, this was fixed by disabling uPnP in the skype menu. could it have something to do with uPnP? does firefox use it too?

im currently using google chrome while firefox isnt working, and i would love to return to firefox soon. please help! im all out of ideas.

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The about:crashes that kinda strange all 3 have same date and time. so how can both flash player version 16_0_0_305 and Version: be in the crashes on same time and date

bp-a0bc5c34-c48e-4c63-8e37-46b562150318 3/18/2015 4:25 PM and bp-e700a06f-3ec7-4746-8cd3-2fb682150318 3/18/2015 4:25 PM

here is one that is dated 3/17/2015 8:34 pm it had version bp-23ca413c-8a6c-4639-87ed-434882150318 3/17/2015 8:34 PM

show; Signature flashplayerplugin_16_0_0_305.exe

Note: Flash 17 was not listed in the plugins

However, bp-e1d15ab5-b90b-46a2-879c-a59f82150318 3/18/2015 4:25 PM shows;

Process Type plugin Shockwave Flash Version:

so why is both versions jumping back and forth?

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madmaxxc said

so why is both versions jumping back and forth?

No way of telling from here. But mal-ware is known to be . . . . . silly

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FredMcD But mal-ware is known to be . . . . . silly </blockquote> Yes it can be i had dealings with some few times fixing other peoples computers.

anyhow thx for all the help.

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