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Trouble with the options dialog: too big for tablet screen

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Installed Firefox 36 on a Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2-1051 (10" screen).

Opened the Settings dialog, but the top bar (with the X) is off the top of the screen, the bottom OK and Cancel buttons are off the bottom of the screen. I can't seem to drag the dialog up or down to get access to those buttons. The escape key and enter key seem to be the only ways out, but I can't be sure that Enter is on OK or not.

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Hi Shalf, Since Firefox for Android is not scaling to the size of the screen properly, can you please provide a screenshot of what this looks like so we can create a case for the UI developers?

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Please also update to version 36 to make sure that this is still not happening in a release version :) The bug would go in General for future reference.

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Check this out;

Your zoom controls.

<Control> + (plus) enlarge <Control> - (minus) reduce <Control> 0 (zero) restore

Does this help?

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Thanks guigs2. The tablet in question is running Win8.1, not Android. I should have mentioned that, whether or not it makes a difference in this case. My report was based on Version 36; I've since updated it to 36.0.1, same thing.

Sometimes the positioning of the window leaves the "X" accessible, sometimes not, as in the two screenshots below. I'm not sure why. I made those with Alt+PrScn, perhaps I should have captured the entire screen, not just the window? Let me know if that would help.

@FredMcD, no zooming the page content didn't help. The scaling of the settings window appears to be independent of that (as it probably ought to be). But thanks for trying.

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I have this sometimes. Try to re-position or change the window size.

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Thanks FredMcD. No go, I can't seem to get a "grip" on it. At least not with touch drags. Even on the desktop the Options window doesn't re-size, so I don't expect that will work on the tablet.

I may have better luck once I get a mouse for this machine (I don't have any way to plug one in - need special microA to A Female adapter cable, or a Bluetooth mouse).

Using Windows without a mouse is a nearly forgotten experience to me, even though I'm old-school enough to have once known all the keyboard short-cuts. Now I'm starting to refresh those memories.

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