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turning off hardware acceleration fixed my image loading issue. is there another way around this?

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System details: OS: Windows 8.1 Professional (64-bits) Graphics Card: PNY NVidia GT 610 (2GB) RAM: 5GB Firefox version: 36.0 (32-bits)

Starting yesterday, when images would load on websites, some of them would either be completely black, or mostly black, with only a piece of the images loaded, only to fully load several minutes later.

Turning off hardware acceleration resolved this issue, but reduced the overall performance of firefox. Is there any other way to work around this issue, besides turning off hardware acceleration?

Note: The only 2 things I didn't try were resetting firefox, and a fresh install of firefox. I don't want to lose my addon data, and custom firefox settings, because it takes too long for me to put them back where they are now.

I'm also fairly computer savvy, so you can get pretty technical with me. If I don't understand something, I will ask.

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Marking this as resolved. If I have problems with Nightly, or i see a stable driver update which resolves the issues, I will post in this thread to provide updated information.

Thank you for the help!

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Sorry I have not got any answers as to what the solution is at this stage. The best I can do is make some general suggestions that may help with troubleshooting.

The reset, or refresh as it is now termed will lose add-ons. However you could just create new additional profile. That does more than a reset. To be safe do not delete or rename any new profile - it is too easy to lose data; otherwise it is a safe risk free option.

You are now on Fx36 so it appears the change may be related to a Firefox update from Fx35.01 to Fx36.

Presumably you have checked graphics drivers are up-to-date; or conversely tried rolling back to see if that helps.

There was an issue with Fx33: Firefox has implemented a new, faster way of loading webpages in Version 33 called OMTC. This new feature may cause black or blank webpages when you start Firefox or on some sites.

Fx36 release notes

There are HTTP/2 changes. There may be Flashplayer / YouTube changes but are you talking ordinary images not videos etc.

Another low risk method of troubleshooting an issue to indicate it may be Fx version specific would be to try out as an additional browser Firefox portable ESR (Third party build, and Mozilla does not officially support use of ESR but it can be useful for troubleshooting )

There are other methods of installing multiple versions of Firefox for test purposes, but that is easy.

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First option (New profile): I have not tried this, but I will try it in a bit, and let you know the results.

Second option (Drivers): My drivers are completely up to date. I didn't roll back, because these drivers were installed a couple of weeks ago, and this problem started yesterday.

Read up on OMTC. Not sure if that's the cause of the issue or not, but based on what you say, it is a possibility.

Just ordinary images (like JPG, PNG, GIF, etc). Flash/YouTube stuff all appear to be working normally.

ESR is another thing I can try. Which method would you like me to try first? New profile, or ESR? Figure one at a time is best. lol

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They are both easy options that do not impact on your ordinary Firefox use. The new profile opens with the profile manager and gives you the choice of which profile to use.

The ESR portable is installed as a totally separate additional browser, you could even put it on a memory stick.

By the way Firefox's safe mode (aka Restart with Add-ons disabled) also disables hardware acceleration. Do not fall into the trap of discovering safemode solves the issue and thinking it is definitely a Firefox extension causing the problem.

Another suggestion, and probably best tried in the new profile (Not applicable to ESR) try turning off HTTP/2 . I have no reason to think that is the issue, but it was a change, and it is plausible it could cause such an issue.

Toggle the two prefs to false using about:config

  1. network.http.spdy.enabled.http2
  2. network.http.spdy.enabled.http2draft
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Ok I've tried all the ideas you gave me, except safe mode. The same thing happened in all cases, except when using the portable version that you asked me to install.

If you look atmy profile, my biographys lists my system specs, and my addons. The only addon that I added to the portable version was AdBlock Plus. I also changed my cache to 1GB. These two settings are universal through all of this.

I'm guessing this is significant in some way, since hwardware acceleration is enabled in the portable version, and I had to disable it in my normal profile to correct this.

What say you?

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Yes it is looking as if disabling hardware acceleration is the key factor.

It is also looking as if the problem occurred in Fx 36, or at least between Fx31.3 and Fx36.

It would be worth trying temporarily rolling back the graphics drivers to see if the F36 problem also occurs with the older drivers. (That may explain why others are not reporting the issue, maybe most have not upgraded drivers)

You say you tried everything except safemode {unecessary to try).

  • Please can you confirm you did try with HTTP/2 preffed off ?

Please test Using your new profile

  1. Do not try with Firefox safe mode, BUT please try with all addons disabled. Use the add-ons manager to make all plugins never activate, and all extensions disabled.
    • Do you still see the problem
  2. Now repeat as above but this time try after starting the computer in Windows SafeMode (That used the F8 key prior to Win8, its now a startup option I think - I do not often use Win8)
  3. STR: can you give simple Steps To Reproduce. For instance do you see this on opening Firefox and using only a single specific tab some public web page.

I can invite other contributors & professional help desk staff to look at this question but it is looking like an incompatibility in Fx 36 and we will probably need to file a bug to have this investigated. I will do that after you reply to this post. Others may know of the solution or applicable bug. We don't want to go down the route of filing a bug unnecessarily. I may have missed something obvious!

Once we get STR there is a method we an use to pin down exactly where the problem occurred, that makes any filed bug confirmable and more likely to be worked on and fixed, but this particular problem could be hardware specific to some extent.

This is not something I seem to be able to see other reports about

  • Forum search black image link
  • May be showing in feedback, but unable to contact those people, and I have not tried to compare properly with usual background. link-fx36 but link-fx35.0.1 fx35 users seems to have made fewer reports.
  • Have not yet tried a bug search
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Confirmed! In the new temporary profile, I did indeed turn off the http/2 prefs following the instructions you gave.

I will try out your new suggestions in the order given, and report the results for you.

However, I do need to answer the question in 3:

In my instance, simple steps to reproduce...

Open firefox 36.0 Go to any site abundant in images browse it for anywhere from 1-45 mins Number of open tabs doesn't seem to matter

Sites I've used in the last few days: http://www.facebook.com http://www.meetme.com also if you do a search on google, and then switch to images at the top of the search page, it happens sporadically there when going through images

I saw this reported previously for Firefox 10, and for them it was a graphics rollback that resolved it. Link

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I have tagged as escalate; that pings Helpdesk, but Helpdesk staff do not work weekends and then often take 2 or 3 days before reviewing questions, other contributors will possibly respond in the meantime.

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Looks like rolling back the driver for my graphics card has stopped this behavior. Been messing around with the troubleshooting profile I made for about the last few hours, which has hardware acceleration turned on, and it has not resurfaced.

My current driver version is 347.25 The latest is 347.52

Unless you want me to mark your last troubleshooting reply as the answer, I'll leave this open for them to escalate it.

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That's good news.

May as well give it a few days. Wait to see if anyone has any other ideas.

Probably best to leave it as unsolved for now because help desk and contributors will not respond to solved threads. (The flipside of that is that anyone looking for answers will not see unsolved threads and it will not get indexed in Google. So after a few days it is worth marking it as solved)

Probably will then be worth filing a bug to say Fx36 has problem with that new driver but not the old one. Using the old driver solves the issue for you, but the new driver will have been released for a reason so you probably lose out in some other aspect of the driver's features, capabilities or security. Others are likely going to hit the issue as they upgrade the drivers, or migrate to fx >= 36.

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Spoke too soon! Been continuously using Firefox, and the issue has just now appeared again, with no other changes to my computer, so it is not yet resolved...

I'm not doing anything more in the way of troubleshooting today, cuz I'm tired of messing with it. I will do more tomorrow, because I had a really difficult time with rolling back the driver, and it took me a couple hours to do so. Something screwy with the new drivers. People are reporting several bugs with it, and it's not exactly stable.

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Fixed driver version numbers in one of the posts above this one.

I reinstalled Windows 8.1 Pro completely fresh from the DVD, and I can confirm that this problem exists for me out of the box with NVidia GeForce driver version 347.25 on a fresh install of windows 8.1 64-bits

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It's possible that this may just be a driver issue with some of the later NVidia drivers, because I'm having issues with other apps/programs as well.

What acceleration features does FireFox use? Is it DirectDraw, Direct3D, or AGP Texture acceleration? The answer to this will help me put together a better report, and direct it where it needs to go.

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This post is placed on the following support sites for troubleshooting in order to find the root cause: http://forums.geforce.com (NVidia GeForce support forum for NVidia GPUs) http://support.mozilla.org (Mozilla FireFox support forum) http://forum.videolan.org (VideoLan support forum for VLC) If an issue doesn't apply on your support site, please skip over that letter. Thanks Screenshots are not included, but can be supplied by external camera upon request.

1. Issues tested with the following two cards Graphics Card (Primary) - PNY GeForce GT610 (2GB) Graphics Card (Test Card) - Galaxy GeForce GT610 (1GB) 2. NVidia Driver regression? - No. This happens with all drivers for this card that are available for windows 8 3. Operating System - Windows 8.1 (64-bits) 4. Graphics overclocked? No

5. A. The windows store app "My Country" B. Desktop app "Virtual City" C. Desktop use in general. D. Desktop app Firefox 36.0. E. Desktop app VLC Player 2.2.0 (64-bits)

6. NOTE: A, B, and C happen ONLY when desktop is duplicated on both screens, after resizing monitor 2. D, and E happen in all scenarios (single display, mirrored, or extended). A. Screen corruption on second monitor, when it is mirrored, similar to screen tearing. B. Same symptoms as A. C. Occasional display corruption on second monitor when using normal apps on the desktop (not full screen or gaming). The corruption is only a momentary flicker when it happens. D. Hardware acceleration feature causing some images to display as black, or corrupted in Firefox 36.0. This happens with, or without mirroring, no matter which display is used. E. Entire system locks up at a random point during the video. Sound stutters, then video freezes. It's random whether the screen goes black after, or not. Only way out is pull the plug. This does not produce an error of any kind, nor does it force any kind of reboot.

Steps to reproduce:

For A, B, and C. In order for the second monitor to display correctly, I had to extend the desktop, enable resizing, resize monitor two, then duplicate it again. It doesn't happen, if I don't resize first. A. Load the game (must not be snapped) then go into any screen that causes part of the game to dim. B. Load game, and play as normal. Corruption happens randomly, but frequently. C. Use desktop apps normally. Corruption happens randomly, but fairly rarely. D. Load Firefox 36.0 with hardware acceleration turned on, and use normally. Symptoms should appear within 1-60 minutes. E. Open VLC player 64-bits. Click on Tools -> Preferences. Set prefs to advanced, and under video-> Output module select Direct3D, or automatic. Save, close VLC then play a video with it.

7. System specs are in my signature. Here is what's not listed there...

Monitor 1 - Samsung model code: UN32EH4003 (HDMI) Monitor 2 - Polaroid model TDAC-02212 (DVI using DVI-to-HDMI adapter) Sound driver shows this as DTV-C7V-4

For A, B, and C, the issue resembles screen tearing. All windows 8 drivers for this card show the above symptoms. Normal 3D full screen games (such as World of Warcraft) do not seem to have any issues.

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Hi jasoncollege24, I got a second opinion and generally there was a patch submitted a bit here bug 1137251 in version 39 Nightly and was pushed to 36 [EDIT 36.0.1] but this was a memory leak. However since a Webgl can apply to different drivers at this point, however these can be very specific and you have done some of the testing already, but I would recommend these steps next if you do not see an improvement in the latest version 39 http://nightly.mozilla.org/:

The next steps capturing these performance in a good bug:

Geändert am von guigs

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Be sure to include the steps you mentioned with the profiler recordings if you can, it certainly will help performance for other users!

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I've been having this same problem too. For a couple of weeks I noticed some images on various websites only showing up black or partially black.

Just FYI but I haven't seen it happening in IE 11 which I also use.

I do have the Nvidia version someone mentioned but it's never been updated and this is a new computer with Windows 8.1 and the latest version of Firefox 36.0.1

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I'm in the process of installing nightly right now as you suggested. Personally I believe that this is a driver issue, because I just had to disable hardware acceleration in adobe flash, because youtube videos in firefox are doing the same thing as VLC player.

IE 11 is not likely to have this problem, simply because it is built specifically for Microsoft Windows 8.1, so it is literally native to the OS.

I'll update on the results with nightly as soon as I have them.

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The problem with the corrupted images does not appear at all in Nightly 39.0a1, even with hardware acceleration turned on. This appears to be true after extensive testing of more than 20 hours of non-stop use.

As this is a beta version, will the hardware acceleration fix be patched into the latest official release?

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Normally yes improvements get into the Release 12 to 18 weeks later. The bug mentioned was an exception, and was important enough to be uplifted to a point Release Fx 36.0.1. There may be some other bug also involved in your issue if Fx 36.0.1 does not work.

  • Bug 1137251 - Massive memory leak with Firefox 36+ (maybe related to WebGL) #c31
    ... The leak no longer showed (for either of the two scenarios) using:
    - Firefox 36.0.1 (build2) - BuildID=20150305021524
    ... Flags: qe-verify+
    status-firefox36: fixed → verified
  • https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/36.0.1/releasenotes/
    Fixed 36.0.1 - WebGL may use significant memory with Canvas2d (1137251)

Most patches are allowed to be tested and work their way through the pre- release versions. https://wiki.mozilla.org/RapidRelease#Release_timeline

The actual reason for the fix may depend on other changes also in Nightly. Presumably you have already discovered it is relatively easy to install and run multiple versions of Firefox, and to have multiple Firefox profiles.

Graphics bugs may be difficult to reproduce by others but developers will be keen to fix those that are reproducible, or sometimes they resort to blocking what become known to be bad versions of drivers.

Did you test with 36.0.1 is that not fixing your issue ? If you wish to find out what did actually fix your issue it will need a bit of detective work testing the different builds. This could be difficult &/or time consuming unless you have discovered a simple quick testcase|STR . There is a slightly quirky utility that semi automates the testing. mosregression utility It downloads Firefox builds, installing the build temporarily, allows you to test and give a verdict, then repeats the cycle bisecting a range of builds you choose so that a specific build or range of builds is identified as fixed or faulty. Downloads and explanatory documentation see

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jasoncollege24 said

This post is placed on the following support sites for troubleshooting in order to find the root cause: http://forums.geforce.com (NVidia GeForce support forum for NVidia GPUs) http://support.mozilla.org (Mozilla FireFox support forum) http://forum.videolan.org (VideoLan support forum for VLC)

I will provide the links to cross link the threads, you posted, maybe you wish to do similar yourself in the other fora, and update the threads to say a Firefox memory leak bug is apparently involved and that Fx39 Nightly works.

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