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How do I add a trusted connection one time in firefox?

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I have a user who is trying to access my department's external site. The pages that she is trying to access pulls data from a different domain (One in our DMZ) than the external host domain. This DMZ domain is a trusted domain and pulling data from this domain has worked well for years on multiple browsers without incident. Now for every other page that hits this internal DMZ server the user is getting "This connection is not trusted" and has to go through the manual exception dance to see her data. We host hundreds of pages and having to do this for each one is going to drive people to grab another browser quickly. I got this user working on Chrome without a problem and have tested it in IE without problem.

I have recreated the cert8.db file in her profile and run into the same problem after reboot.

How do I add a trusted connection for this domain one time?

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This should add the permanent exception: Connection Untrusted Error Message: Bypassing the Warning

However if it is not staying until the next time that the user opens up Firefox, is it possible that they are in permanent private browsing? Private Browsing - Use Firefox without saving history - that should have instructions to get in and out of it.

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Private browsing is not on.

We have added an exemption. It is asking to add an exemption per page viewed. If is was asking for this one time then okay, deal with the annoyance one time and keep moving. The problem is the exemptions are not sticking.