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Document Expired

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My web pages are built with JSP + javascript + AJAX, so a little dynamic when loading a page (it is NOT a static HTML text page).

As a common practice, when users visits my website, they can click on a hyperlink to open another webpage. When they want to go back, they can click the browser's BACK button that will bring them back to where they were.

What happened to the firefox is that when its default CACHE runs out, it will display:

Document Expired This document is no longer available. The requested document is not available in Firefox'x cache. ... [Try Again]

The general solution is that I can go to the Options page to either increase the CACHE limit ot clean up the CACHE.

But for a public user, they either do not know what to do or assume that my website has problem!

Besides, all the other browsers worked fine, which include IE (8, 9, 10, and 11), Chrome, Firefox 10.0.7 for SUSE Linux, and Safari. It is the newer versions of Firefox that is failing.

So my I suggest that Firefox remove its caching limitation features, instead, either using the feature implemented in the older version (of Firefox), or make it match those browsers such as IE, Chrome and Safari.

Firefox was used to be user friendly.



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Update to Firefox 34 to see if this still happens. Update Firefox to the latest release

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I'm just replying because I could not figure out how to post. I could barely find my password. I'm mostly ignorant of how to go change things in the program and other unfamiliar places, but i think myself a fairly good human being, so please try to not insult me. I have seen advice here on a) workaround for 'document expired', and b) installing a previous version without having it undo it by immediately updating. I did not Understand any of the advice, but this is really really annoying, WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING what, 4-5 updates or more and still not fixed Giving a person half a path or expecting them to know how to find stuff in unfamiliar places doesn't work