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Funny. I have not changed any settings and Firefox is showing I accept.

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Earlier today I clicked on a link from a medical provider portal. Yes, secured. I logged in, took care of some business, logged out. Later I got an email telling me there was a message. This is all pretty normal and I have done it often. When I tried to connect to the website via their link and then from the browser address manually, I got this:

The page isn't redirecting properly Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete. This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies.

Well, I checked my cookie settings and they are open (accept cookies). I have not changed any security setting or cookie settings nor have I added any ad blocking software since this morning.

I used another browser (Chrome) and connected in about 2 seconds. Firefox is my preferred browser. This is frustrating. I have the latest version of Firefox, and the latest updated version of Windows 7.


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This issue can be caused by corrupted cookies or cookies that are blocked.

  • check the permissions on the about:permissions page and in "Tools > Page Info > Permissions"

Clear the cache and remove cookies only from websites that cause problems.

"Clear the Cache":

  • Firefox/Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Cached Web Content: "Clear Now"

"Remove Cookies" from sites causing problems:

  • Firefox/Tools > Options > Privacy > "Use custom settings for history" > Cookies: "Show Cookies"
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If the above did not work; You may have a corrupt cookies.sqlite file.

Type about:support in the address bar and press enter.

Under the page logo on the left side you will see Application Basics. Under this find Profile Folder. To it’s right press the button Show Folder. This will open your file browser to the current Firefox profile. Now Close Firefox.

Locate the file. Then rename or delete it. Restart Firefox.

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DO NOT delete your Profile folder as suggested by FredMcD above unless you do not care about any Bookmarks, Password and other settings in Profile.

The above suggestion is a crude way of creating a new Profile as it is best done with the ProfileManager. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/profile-manager-create-and-remove-firefox-profiles

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James said

DO NOT delete your Profile folder as suggested by FredMcD above

James, I think you skipped something in my instruction. What I said was;

Locate the file. Then rename or delete it.

And I was talking about the cookies.sqlite file.

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Actually your instructions overall pretty much says to locate the currently used Profile and either rename it or delete it. You only mentioned the cookies.sqlite earlier on and not to rename or delete the cookies.sqlite at end as not everybody is going to click that by file you meant the cookies.sqlite and not Profile itself.

I have done support a long time to know that when people are given the steps and wording like you used that can happen very easily.
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Ahh, I see.