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I want to know why Mozilla Foundation charged me $3.00 that overdrew my account when I did not donate any funds to them.

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Mozilla charged my checking account $3.00 that was not approved, and overdrew my account. I now have a $25.00 fee attached to it for the overdraw.

What is this charge for?

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Hi Tiffany, one way that could happen is if you went to the http://donate.mozilla.org website and filled out the donation form. I see a $3 option there. But since I believe you'd clearly remember that, something else must've happened.

I can only guess someone stole your credit card information and used it to make the donation. Or maybe if you have kids/husband/boyfriend, one of them used your credit card info without your permission?

Anyway, regardless of how it happened that's not cool. And I especially hate overdraft fees. I'll forward this request to the higher ups and they'll reach out to you to get this sorted out.

I can't do anything myself as I'm just a volunteer. But Mozilla's products are free to use so you weren't charged for using Firefox.

There is also a Mozilla Store but all the items there are well above $3: https://gear.mozilla.org/

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Have you heard back from the Mozilla foundation yet or figured out if someone in your family made the donation?

If not, send a email to donate@mozilla.org and put in the subject "Request for refund" and explain what happened.

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I was going to suggest that you check back through your internet history for a credit card payment but I see that the charge was made to your checking A/c which is very odd.

Your bank statement should have a check number or payment reference which should help you, the bank or Mozilla work out what has happened.

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