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Latest hotfix broke Fastest Search

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I'm using Firefox Developer Edition, along with a simply AMAZING add-on called Fastest Search (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/fastest-search/versions/).

Yesterday, Fastest Search worked perfectly, but today, the icon has disappeared and none of the functionality is present. There was a hotfix released this morning that I can almost guarantee broke the add-on. This hotfix also changed my default search engine from Google to Yahoo, because Mozilla is mad at Google, like a screaming little crybaby. So, I went to my preferences and changed my default search engine back to Google, and, out of spite, removed Yahoo from the list of optional search engines. >:\

Does anyone else use Fastest Search? Is there a way to roll back to before the hotfix? I really hate using Firefox without Fastest Search. :(


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The Developer edition aka Aurora channel gets checkins almost everyday so therefore it gets a update each of those days. Sometimes the checkin(s) can break things until fixed or removed or is a work in progress. This and Nightly development channels are not what you should use if you want stability and working extensions.