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Petition (Evaluation) for bringing old FF interface etc. back, why not?

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every so often you can find people moaning, that they want tabs on bottom back (which can be fixed by an add on) and further things that would make FF like it was before australis. I understand, that for you developers, a decision had to be made and it is no way possible to maintain both GUI-versions, but:

Can't we just do a poll to decide, what GUI is preferred?

(I actually ask with a bit stranger background. It doesn't have to worry you, but I include it for sake of completeness. I use TenFourFox for old unsupported PowerPC Macs. I can install "classic-theme-restorer" for version 31.3.0, but it doesn't work without glitches. For example the Apple specific traffic light buttons disappear from time to time.)

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Hi Kacke, this isn't the best avenue for discussion of feature changes or to talk to developers; it's more of an "emergency room" for browser problems staffed by volunteers.

You can of course give feedback using Help > Submit Feedback or this page:


But to conduct a poll or organize a campaign, consider using social media, or you could try searching around for others of like mind who might already be pursuing the same project.

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I am locking this thread for one reason - Mac 10.4 and 10.5 aren't supported by Mozilla any longer. Mac 10.4 hasn't been supported for over 3 1/2 years! Any problems with TenFourFox need to be discussed with the developers of that 3rd party build; Mozilla had nothing to do with that build.