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The "page down" key goes too far down - how can I adjust it?

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When I'm scrolling through an article or webpage and hit the "page down" key, the jump down is too far and I have to scroll back up a couple lines to see what it missed. Is there a way to adjust that?


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Are you zooming the page or have adjusted default font sizes?

It is possible that this affects the behavior of scrolling as this can be a fixed amount of pixels.

Look at these prefs (see about:config) to set the scrolling behavior with the keyboard.

  • toolkit.scrollbox.horizontalScrollDistance (5)
  • toolkit.scrollbox.verticalScrollDistance (3)

  • Bug 635645 - consider increasing the amount of scrolling performed by using the arrow keys
  • Bug 725700 - Keyboard arrow keys and scrollbar buttons should have consistent scrolling distances

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