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How do you make Mozilla listen to users and stop FFFFirefox Auto Updating despite being set to NOT auto update?

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I am spitting nails

After all the STUPID problems outlined here


I set Firefox to stop auto updating,

Then the other day I installed a new user on my laptop, when they loaded Firefox it auto updated MY version of Firefox.

Has NOTHING been learnt?


So I have 2 questions

How do you make Mozilla listen to users?

and how do prevent what happened to me happening again?

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"Then the other day I installed a new user on my laptop, when they loaded Firefox it auto updated MY version of Firefox. "

User error on your part or lack of knowledge. One Firefox installation of the PC - you tell it to not to update - that preference is saved in the Firefox Profile folder.

Then you create a new Windows user logon account, which creates a new Firefox Profile for that new "user". You should have set that not to update pref immediately upon creating that new Windows user account.

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Well thanks for stating the obvious and repeating the bug, I have 8 logins on my laptop so it is a lot of work for badly designed software.

What I was REALLY hoping for is a way to make Firefox stop this for all users or future users.

I was not really expecting an answer for how to get Mozilla to listen but if you are an example I am not surprised.

USER ERROR, well I guess all problems with Firefox are user errors, as for lack of knowledge, well when I set software to NOT UPDATE for some silly reason I expect it NOT TO UPDATE. Silly me!

At the very least hopefully other Firefox Users can be warned of this STUPID software

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For the millionth time:

  • If you don't like it, don't use it.
  • Updates help KEEP YOU SAFE
  • Updates add tons of great new features
  • Firefox is designed to be customized PER USER, NOT CROSS-SYSTEM

Is there any particular reason you want to use an old version of Firefox that still has bugs and security holes?

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Not a millionth, you have only provided 150 answers and I doubt they were all this issue.

If you don't like it, don't use it.

If a business took this attitude they would soon be out of business

Updates help KEEP YOU SAFE

Sometimes, but in my experience FFirefox updates can really screw up your system, lose you data, mess up your user interface. I have run IT for one of the biggest intranets on the planet and we never allowed even Mictosoft updates until we did User Acceptance Testing and understood the impact of the upgrade. I am a grown up not a child, I have system where I test updates for performance, security and impact, I WILL DECIDE when I want to install it. If Mozilla wants to provide real security updates I would take them but if you look at the link in my OP you will see it said an update was security and it completely messed up.

Updates add tons of great new features

Actually with FFirefox in my experience they take more away than they add, things I did not ask them to take, they do not look at my config and leave my settings as they were and then tell me about new options, no they completely screw my productivity as it takes days to figure out how to undo the kwap they have added. Copying the AWFUL Chrome interface is not an improvement, Google has one of the worst UI's on the planet accross all their products.

Firefox is designed to be customized PER USER, NOT CROSS-SYSTEM

There are some things that benefit from being per user and some that are per machine, windows has group policies per machine and per user. My OP is telling Mozilla that this is another area where they have "designed" badly, I tell them this so that they improve it and in the vain hope that there is some config setting that will stop this nonsense.

So SuperSluether you have not really helped, all you seem to say is FO if you do not like it. Good job you do not run a business. With that attitude probably best you do not contribute.

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OK, as a moderator I am fed up with your combative manner of treating the contributors who try to help you - in almost every thread that you participate in.

This thread is being locked. If you can "be nice" you can start all over again with this topic in a new question thread. And if you still can't "be nice" your account here just might be locked.

And if you are so "FedUpWithFirefox" why are you still using it? No need to answer as this thread is now dead.