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i click on facebook it tells me Sorry, something went wrong. We're working on it and we'll get it fixed as soon as we can.only y not on firefox

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i fire fox, but in the last couple of months i have not been able to get onto face book with fire fox. i can acess any other web page just not face book.i have tried the trouble shootings that are posted and still have the problem. i disabled all the add on's i have had to go to chrome but i would rather use fire fox. face book says it is at your end and not theirs.. can you please please help me?? thank you

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Hi blackrose72, Let's troubleshoot the login cookies in Firefox to get you back to Facebook. Please try these steps:

  1. Delete the website from the cache by navigating to about:permissions
  2. Search for Facebook
  3. Click on "Forget Site"
  4. Restart Firefox
  5. Open a Facebook in a regular window and a private mode window.
  6. Login to Facebook, what happens?