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Config or extension that allows for tab groups to show a "cmd-tab" preview menu when switching with keyboard shortcut?

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Hi guys,

I recently moved over from Chrome and am loving the customizability so far! Tab groups are definitely my favourite feature so far. I've pretty much got everything exactly how I like it, but am stuck on one last thing.

Is there a way to have a preview window come up when cycling through tabs, similar to the menus that come up when command-tab (Mac) or alt/windows-tab (PC) are pressed? I really prefer that aesthetic over immediately seeing the tab pop up, as it allows me to see all of my open groups at a glance.

I did about half an hour of google-fu but wasn't able to find any results unfortunately. I'm not the best at picking out keywords for google searches however, so it's very possible I missed an extension or support thread asking the same question. Any help would be gladly appreciated!

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There is an add on called Tab Preview and one called Tab Groups Helper that you can check out.

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Yeah, I've tried both of those out and unfortunately did not seem to have any luck with it.

Tab Preview comes close, but seems to only do previews between tabs, not tab groups. Strangely enough the tabs it previews can be between different tab groups, and it seems to be tempermental on when it decides to show these previews or not.

In case my original post wasn't clear, I've included an image to show the menu which I mean. Link

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