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I can't uninstall Firefox version 11 from my MAC, nor can I upgrade to a more recent version of Firefox.

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I believe that I have a corrupted version of Firefox. I have followed the procedures both for removal and for upgrade that are posted in the support forums, and neither are effective for me.

I do not have a conventional Firefox icon on my screen, rather I have a grey question mark. When I attempt to deposit that question mark icon in my wastebasket, it just bounces back out.

When I have tried to upgrade to a more recent version of Firefox (and I've been trying to upgrade with each new iteration of Firefox from version 12 to the current version 32), I receive an error message that I can run only one version of Firefox, and the upgraded version is rejected in favor of version 11.

Additionally, Firefox version 11 blocks me from adding any other programs onto my Mac. I want to get rid of version 11. How can I do it?

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Hello DavidK126, works, the uninstall, if you hold down the Command key and drag the question mark icon to trash ?

thank you

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Dear ideato --Thank you very much for the suggestion, however, it did not work. I could not eliminate the question mark from the dock, although I was able to drag what I suppose was a shadow of the question mark to the wastebasket. Regards--DavidK126

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Hello, go to Applications folder and see if you can drag Firefox to the dock again, check also if you can double click firefox icon (always in app folder).

thanks again

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Dear ideato--Thank you for your suggestion. While I was able to drag a shadow of the Firefox icon from the applications folder to the dock and drop it into the wastebasket, the icon remains in the applications folder and Firefox version 11 is still on my computer blocking every attempt to add a program or to upgrade to the current version of Firefox. The question mark is still on the dock, too. Regards--DavidK126

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Can you upload a picture of the question mark ?

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Try to repair the disk permissions:

Can you check the properties of that question mark application in the Finder?