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Does Mozilla scrutiny to know why users more migrate to chrome?

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you know that now Chrome users is more than Firefox. Does Mozilla scrutiny to know why users more migrate to chrome from IE and even from Firefox? it is better to launch a poll in mozilla's website and get information about reasons of choosing browser. i think that the most reason is faster running and faster browsing.

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Good idea to do a poll but it won't be seen by dedicated users of other browsers if you launch it "in Mozilla's website" as you propose.

Just as most people use Internet Explorer because it comes bundled with the Windows operating system when you buy a computer, Google Chrome also appears bundled with Adobe updates and gets downloaded automatically if a user doesn't consciously uncheck the option.

Mozilla Firefox isn't bundled with anything as far as I know, therefore it needs to be a deliberate choice for a potential user.

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where to launch poll? you can get help and add to download sites like softpedia or cnet. and IT weblogs. you can build a page in facebook that benefits all internet users then add poll to it. or add a ad to google and bing.

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and there is a way to Firefox doesn't lose current users. by adding poll about what new features they want and which part they want to get optimize. Polls aside the feedbacks.

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Wow, well after not only wasting 15 minutes navigating this terribly put together website and trying to figure out how to actually make an account to post here AND THEN having my long in depth answer being deleted because I apparently had to verify my support I'm just going to cut to the chase this time.

I used to use FireFox for years until I finally got fed up of it's constantly slow speed, freeze ups and shockwave plugin crashing more than once an hour. I was reluctant to use Google's Chrome however I decided to try it out and continued to use it for the past two years, and have only recently decided to try FireFox again.

I can honestly say that even Internet Explorer offers me a smoother and more reliable browsing experience than FireFox, this thing STILL has issues with plugins crashing, an unhelpful interface and is prone to extreme lag and slowdowns. I have actually found my self several times opening internet explorer up to load something just because FireFox has just been found hanging and I've wanted to just access a website. And when Internet Explorer looks like a better option you need to reconsider the purpose of your program...

Not only that but they don't even have a 64 bit optimised version of their browser, Chrome does and even internet explorer does! How far behind can you get?

To summarise why I am going to start using Chrome again is because FireFox is a slow, lagging and unreliable internet browser in comparison, is clearly badly optimised and is not up to the mark for someone who expects a smooth browsing experience.

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There is lots of reasons why people may be using Chrome, does not mean they are all happy users or aware of what the browser does in tracking them. It may have been installed with it being bundled in with something and they wanted to get away from IE for example.

Mozilla does have 64-bit Firefox for Mac OSX (combined download) and for Linux. There are still a number of technical hurdles to get to Win64 Firefox Releases stage as it took Google how long with their resources to finally have Win64 Chrome themselves not long ago to show it is not easy. It is not as if you need Win64 builds of Firefox in order to use Firefox on 64-bit Windows properly.

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discussion of PaleMoon is off-topic for this forum - like it, use it, but don't play fan-boi here - moderator Ed

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Palemoon is based on Firefox 64bit code that even Mozilla does not support fully. Currently Palemoon can be considered to be based on Firefox ESR but ESR will on the next release be Australis style whilst Palemoon would appear to intend to stay none Australis.

I wish Palemoon luck and can see why it is liked, I even have it installed myself. I can not help wondering how it will cope as the Palemoon fork diverges more and more from Firefox. Will the relatively small community of Palemoon strugle with keeping addons compatible and with security fixes for instance.

This forum is not really the best place for this discussion, but I am not sure where is and whether any official Mozilla location welcomes such discussion.

I will tag as offtopic and escalate, to see if HelpDesk or any other Admin wishes to make authoritative comments on where development decisions may be discussed.

I can not guarantee which if any of these fora and mailing lists would be appropriate but note existence of

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Hi iSaad,

To your main question, whether we survey users primarily using Chrome who previously primarily used Firefox, the answer is yes. Actually most users use multiple browsers today, so it's not really people "migrating" to Chrome, but rather shifting to using it as their primary browser while still using Firefox.

I don't know if the results can be shared in public, but we're definitely using the results when planning for upcoming versions of Firefox. As you probably know, Firefox is now faster in many benchmarks, as well as using much less RAM with multiple tabs open, compared to Chrome.

Thanks, David

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Hi Skinny3600, if you decide to use Firefox again, and you run any version of Windows newer than XP, try disabling the Flash player plugin's protected mode feature. This involves creating or editing a settings file. The following pages/posts provide different ways to do that:

Flash needs to completely unload from memory (exiting and starting Firefox up again might help) before this takes effect.

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Hey David Maybe the elephant in the room here is that User Advocacy is part of sumo.

As such sumo may be the place on Mozilla for such discussions.

Perhaps within a separate Sumo forum set up for that purpose with User Advocacy trained contributors responding to the questions. (We keep adding sub fora for products presumably it is simple and needs almost no developer time to add a product User Advocacy-Development issues)

I have already previously suggested having lightly moderated threads where such subjects could be corralled and possibly to some extent curated answers added (e.g. simply start a thread and put placeholders in the first 3 or 4 replies to use for model answers by a contributor or admin). One reason that was dismissed is that developers would not get involved as they would be abused. Of course sumo User Advocacy could get involved.

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also we should take attention to Gecko. html5 graphics preview in Chrome is more beauty than Firefox (such as border, shade,...). also Gecko has old bugs in some HTML elements preview. i think it is better to Mozilla team and Google team work on one engine. it will be better for Firefox and Chrome and other browsers that use same HTML engine.

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Gecko teammmmmmmmmmmmmmm. why your drawing is not beautiful and your works have bugs.

Firefox team, please use same chrome HTML engine is using.

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please use same HTML engine that Chrome is using.

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I removed the escalate tag and I'm closing this thread, since it's off-topic for Mozilla Support.

For an alternative forum to discuss Mozilla issues that are not support-related, you could use the off-topic forum here, /forums/off-topic or one of these other Mozilla forums.

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To Isaad:

You wrote,

Please use same HTML engine that Chrome is using. 

You can use input.mozilla.org/feedback for those types of requests and other general feedback about Firefox.