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I can't update to the new version of Firefox because my OS is too old. I was able to use it last week by bypassing the "please update" pop-up.

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I tried updating to the new version but it isn't compatible with my old OS - Mac 10.4. The send, forward and reply buttons aren't on the screen anymore. So, although I can compose a document and attach a file there's no way to send it. I am currently out of work so purchasing a new computer to solve the email problem isn't an option. I need need to be able to contact employers and contacts.

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Firefox 3.6.28 is the last you can use on OSX 10.4 as Firefox 4.0 required OSX 10.5+ then. As of Firefox 17.0 and newer you needed OSX 10.6+.


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The old Firefox is no longer supported and presumably no longer supported by your email service so there is not much we can do to help you. Itis of course totally insecure.

If you must attempt to use Fx3.6 have you tried zooming the page or trying to work out if there are any keyboard shortcuts available for the actions. You should contact your email provider's support site for help

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"The send, forward and reply buttons aren't on the screen anymore."

That is a feature of the web mail service that you are using. Does that service have an option for a "Basic" display?

If you tell us which webmail service you are using with that older version of Firefox, one of us might be able to help you with step-by-step instructions to "fix" it.

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You have a Mac with an Intel processor, so best would be to update to a newer Mac OS version (10.6 would be best).