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Why is my sync not syncing on my computer and on my android phone it is. Need assistance at once. WHY?

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I cannot sync my firefox after a format of my HDD. I am synced on my android phone, but cannot get a reset password for my account. I cannot get to my addons nor bookmarks. Reset does not work, new account on my email doesnt do either. "Attempt limit exceeded." is all I get from firefox. I am one step from getting rid of it after many, many years of our relationship. I pitty that firefox is getting slower and slower, I get more and more problems, and still hang on to it. Today I couldt find any useful help. Its quite disturbing. Maybe it has come to "Attempt limit exceeded."?

Please help.

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Attempt limit exceeded is when you send a verification email more than the limited times. If you are not receiving a reset password, please check your email spam filter. Or please wait for a bit then try to resend the reset password. Thank you for your patience.

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