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Synd doesn't work any longer in 29.0.1

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I have 3 computer running: windows XP, windows 7 and windows vista. The one running windows XP was updated to Firefox 20.0.1, everything went well but it refused to sync any data at all. I read that I had to upgrade to the latest sync software on all computers to get sync to work. Rather than doing that, I removed Firefox and all associated data, then installed Firefox 20.0.1 in the 2 remaining computers; big mistake, now I can’t sync any of the computers. I don’t even know if my sync data is still there or not, there is no way to find out. Note that when I was running the previous version of Firefox, sync worked perfectly on all computers, I didn’t have any problem. Note: in Firefox 20.0.1 sync has been degraded, now we don’t get any options, just sync; which doesn’t work. If I click on “manage”, all I get is “change password” or “remove account” but I don’t want either, all I want is to sync. Please help, and thanks much in advance.

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Please re-upgrade your Firefox - it is unsafe to run previous versions of Firefox unless you are unable to upgrade (outdated computer). Many users have been reporting issues with sync lately. Please wait while I forward this to firefox staff.

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Hi Brunos, Currently version 29 will not sync with earlier versions of Sync . You mentioned version 20. Firefox Sync troubleshooting and tips