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New tab "+" button moved to the right edge; how to move it back?

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It used to be (like yesterday) that when I had a number of tabs open, the "mini-tab" "+" (new tab) button would be to the right of the last tab. Now, suddenly, it's all the way towards the right edge of the browser window, regardless of how many tabs are open. If there are a small number of tabs open, there is unused space (where more tabs would go).

Okay -- so I'm change adverse -- how do I move the new tab "+" button over to the end of the list of tabs?


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Although the "+" appears on the far right end of the bar when you are in Customize mode, it should slide over next to the last tab once you close out of Customize.

If it doesn't, I wonder whether something else could be in between, such as an old "flexible space" control? (These are no longer in the Customize dialog as an option, but I don't know whether old ones were removed.)

Following the old principle of turning it off and back on again, could you move the "+" to the main toolbar and exit Customize to save that, then go back into Customize and move it to the tab bar again, to see whether Firefox takes the hint?

Edit: Forgot to include this link: Customize Firefox controls, buttons and toolbars

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You can check for problems caused by a corrupted localstore.rdf file.

You can try to delete the localstore.rdf file and also reset the browser.uiCustomization.state pref on the about:config page.