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Many search engines (including Yahoo, Google, Bing and others) provide search suggestions, which are based on popular searches other people make that are related to a word or words that you enter. When Search Suggestions are enabled, the text you type into the search box is sent to the search engine, which analyzes the words and displays a list of related searches.

search suggestions

How Search Suggestions work

If you see a search suggestion that matches what you are looking for, click on it to see results for that search term. This can save time and help you find what you’re looking for with less typing.

Enabling Search Suggestions will send the keywords you type in a search field - unless they appear to be a URL or hostname - to the default search engine. The default search engine may collect that information according to the terms of their privacy policy, and users concerned about this information being collected may not wish to enable Search Suggestions. Search Suggestions are disabled by default in Private Browsing mode, and you must explicitly turn them on in a Private Browsing Window to enable them in that mode.

Enabling or disabling Search Suggestions

Search Suggestions can be enabled or disabled at any time by checking or un-checking the Provide Search Suggestions box in the Search section of Firefox preferences:

check searchsug
Learn more managing search suggestions: Suchvorschläge in der Suchleiste verwenden