Fandt 14 resultater med cookies til Firefox til Android

Manage cookies on Firefox android

I want to manage cookies on android, but all I can do is delete all the ones I have or keep them all. I want to delete cookies by site, but I can't find an option for this. Add-on cookie managers don't work on android - including on android beta. How can I manage cookies, and other local storage settings by website or even individual cookies?

Android: Keep specific cookies

I like to stay logged in on a certain site. But everytime I close FF all my cookies are gone. I don't want to keep all my cookies just for the one site. I have enabled the option to remove all cookies when using 'Exit' when closing FF app. I don't want to change this. In FF on my laptop I can store certain cookies I like to keep. I have Ghostery set to 'Trust Site'. Searched all over the Internet. Does anybody have suggestions?

New firefox for Android : regression, regression, regression (cookie management)

Tonight my firefox for android was repkaced by some crap for which I do not understand the interface. Several of my extensions were removed removing dome feature I consider as very important. I used Cookie Auto-delete to manage the cokkies depending on sites. I cannot do this anymore. Now I am stuck with a global management. I have some trusted sites for which I want to keep the cookies, most other I want them deleted as soon as I close the tab. Firefox used to allow this, Firefox does bot allo trhis anymore. I cannot trus firefox for android anymore.

Page isn't redirecting properly ?

I cannot get into a website, but I tried on Chrome and I the site is accessible and runs well I get the message "page isn't redirecting properly" Cookies etc. I enables every cookies, still not working How do I fix this please?

ISSUE: Your Connection is Not Private

I am using Firefox for browsing different websites as I am using for my website too. But it now shows You Connection is not private, so what is this can someone please help me to get out of this.

Unwanted update to beta version on Android?

Suddenly Firefox updated on my Android phone and now none of my addons work, including my password manager and cookie manager. When I open the support link it opens to Firefox for Android beta Solutions. Addons are one of my main reason for using Firefox. Every article I've seen says there is no way to downgrade. If that's true I'll be switching to another browser that supports Chrome extensions, whether this version (79.0.4 (Build #2015757667)) is actually beta or not. Forced, irreversible updates with no warning that break critical functions. This is why I don't like the whole app store system, and again if true, this is totally inexcusable. I know this free software is a labor of love on the part of the developers, but I don't think I can deal with this update. A bunch of patronizing articles explaning why "we know what's best" is no better than Google or Microsoft. Anyway this was a major inconvenience coming without even a warning.

No adblock extensions work on new update

My adblocker is now reading as not available on firefox for android. THIS IS BS. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED.

Firefox Sync fejlsøgning og tips

Hvis du har problemer med at få Sync til at virke korrekt i Firefox, så guider denne artikel dig igennem nogle af de mest almindelige løsninger.

comentarios con facebook en sitios externos

Hola, hace tiempo que no puedo comentar en sitios externos que requieren cuenta en Facebook. Me pasa con Firefox para Android pero también en mi pc con Windows 10. Creí que me habían bloqueado porque no gustaron mis comentarios anteriores, hasta que probé con Chrome sin problema. Lo tenía deshabilitado en el teléfono y es muy molesto tenerlo habilitado otra vez(me hace perder tiempo al ver notas de Google) Por qué no puedo autorizar mi perfil de Face en sitios externos? Cuando quiero hacerlo, se

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