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Mozilla fejlrapportør

Mozillas fejlrapportør vises, når Firefox går ned. Med den kan du indsende en fejlrapport. Læs hvordan den fungerer, og hvordan du tilgår dine fejlrapporter.

Sign up for FireFox forum

How can I sign up for Mozilla (firefox) forum? I have an account, but won't recognize my credentials. They ARE correct. I try to set up a new account and the security question "how many letters in Mozilla" doesn't work. The answer is 7, but says it's wrong. WFT? Help w**********

Suggestion (meta): Bug in navigation of this forum

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, but I have a little suggestion about this forum. I love helping people and often browse the page to check if anyone has replied to discussions that I took part in. However, when I then click the link '''## questions in the last 24 hours have no reply. Help solve them!''', I am redirected to, which is always an empty list. Basically, the ''&owner=mine'' parameter is still present, but it should have been overriden by ''&owner=all''. On mouse-over, I see that the link does include ''&owner=all'' but this does not seem forced as I still end up on a page where owner=mine. While I think that this question is somewhat irrelevant to Firefox, contributors here should have experience with the site and therefore could help with meta issues.

About mozilla firefox

I want to develop mozilla firefox..

Forum images not showing

Hi. A forum which I joined years ago,all of a sudden i cannot view any images i post,and all the images i have ever posted there are not viewable with Firefox.Cant view anyone elses recent posted images either ,and it started happening a few days ago.Could an addon be the cause because i have had the same ones i have always had.

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