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How does one sign up for mozilla support?

Hi, I spent quite some time to figure out how to sign up to this mozilla support forum. So far the only way I could sign up is to find the "Ask a question" text box on a non-obvious page ( which eventually got to a "Register or Sign In" page. The "obvious" place would be a "Sign Up" link on the "Sign In" page (as is done by virtually any other community forum. There is a link "Get Community Support" in the black top banner of the main "entrance" page but this doesn't let one sign up, which I found very confusing and frustrating. If the purpose of this forum is to build a vibrant community of Q&A seekers and providers, then the obstacles implied in the current site design is a major *fail*. I understand that it is necessary to somehow filter new members for "fake" accounts and spam-bots, but there are other and better ways (e.g. smart captchas or 3rd device verifications, etc) than to bury the sign-up page in a deeply nested labyrinth of pages. I humbly ask the site-designers to re-think the 'sign-up' policy and re-design the current process or at least give some instructions on the page targeted by the "Get Community Support" link, to not discourage potential support-community members like myself. Kind regards, -porl3D PS: obviously I managed to sign-up, so I answered the question essentially myself. Still, I'd like to point out the awkwardness of the current design and hope that others in this forum agree and help to escalate this issue to the responsible decision makers.

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