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firefox stoped logging into Yahoo mail.

Firefox no longer signs me in to my Yahoo mail, I get in through microsoft edge have done all the suggestions deleted history, cookies, etc still can't sign in.

Couldn't move files in Bookmarks, went to support, instructed to "refresh", NOW I've Lst Three years of Bookmarks/Themes & Add-ons WTH!?!?

Greetings Ya'll, My problem started with not being able to move bookmarks in to their folders, so I went to support, from there it instructed me to go to troubleshooting, then hit "refresh" at "Give Firefox a Tuneup". "Good Golly Miss Molly!!" It All Hit th' Fan then! With No Notice, Firefox disconnected from the Internet, & No window, etc. was shown at the Desktop. I immediately reactivated Firefox, & then saw that there were two Firefox icons, & also a small window popped up at Desktop, showing this "Refreshing Process". Now,....I've lost THREE YEARS of Bookmarks, Music, HVAC Training Videos, Family & Business links, & more!!! WTH!!! Belay that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Found all of that in the Library & moved the Icon back to where it should be. But, it does appear that I'll have to reinstall all of my Themes, & Add-ons,... Is this Correct? And could this "Refresh Process" possibly have fixed the problem with "History & Cookies" not being deleted, via Ccleaner, when I manually did this? That problem I've already asked about, before, herein the Forum, & I did do several Screen Captures to show that, but, with everything that has been going on In "The Real World", due to My Work, Research,Family, Big Brother, Wuhan Virus, etc., I never went back to that topic. But regarding this problem,.... I Found My Bookmarks etc, & I can now move the "Bookmarks" to their Proper Folders, but,... From what I'm looking at, I have to reset Firefox Preferences, Re-install My Additional Browsers, Themes , & all "Add Ons" Correct?

sidebar spontaneously opens by itself rapidly even when the shortcut is not on the toolbar .

-This is on the most current version of Firefox. - This occurs anywhere in Firefox not on a particular website. - even after refreshing Firefox or reinstalling Firefox the bug is still present. - Clearing cookies,history, or cache does not do anything. - Hiding sidebar shortcut in the 'customize' option doesn't resolve the error

Ebay problems in Firefox

The last couple of days Ebay shows only text files, nothing else. Have cleared Cache & Cookies, turned of Adblock but nothing helps. In Chrome and Edge, eBay are fine.....(But I am Firefox fan, and want to use Firefox) What is wrong, and how do I fix this?

When trying to pay for anything with PayPal within Firefox, I can log into PayPal but then the payment page never loads. Other browsers work just fine.

No matter which website PayPal is used on, as long as I try to pay from Firefox, PayPal will not load the payment screen. Other browsers perform the sane transaction just fine. I have tried clearing cookies and cache. Also, I have tried the security icon in the address bar. Why is this happening?

clearing cache

I read instructions on clearing cookies and cache. Question, If I check the box to clear the cache, which your instructions said will require websites to reload images and data, will I lose all my photographs that are on several websites such as twitter and pinterest?

Microsoft won't allow Firefox logon

I am running Windows 10 Pro on a Dell XPS 8930 with Firefox 80. When I attempt to go to the Windows Community, I receive the following:] If I use Edge, there is no problem. Any ideas here?

Firefox gives my homepage URL an extraneous extension of 5 random characters - which generates a 'file not found' error message.

I have already tried clearing the cache & cookies with full restart. This resolves the issue temporarily, but it returns after time. First recorded occurrence was 9-4-17. After clearing cache & cookies as mentioned above, observed it again on 9-14-17. Cleared it & now it's happened again 9-24-17. Uncertain if there's a pattern there regard the dates, as I was away from my office yesterday the 23rd to see if the problem would have presented itself then. Thank you for your time, insights, & suggestions. PS: I tried to share a screen shot {45k} , but the upload tool just keeps spinning.

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