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Firefox - about:preferences#privacy cookies GUI freezes

Firefox - about:preferences#privacy cookies freezes. A new different cookie GUI with a wallet type icon in the middle that when clicked, it highlights a red box in the right hand upper corner, that does nothing either. Otherwise nothing functions after opening the cookie window. Only thing changed was No-Script update yesterday.

In Privacy & Security, I manually delete cookies and history I do not want, I have always got down to 3 to 4MB, now it stays at 1GB, does not refresh.

Win7, SP1, had Firefox 73+. Updated to 74.0 now to 75.0. Used to clear certain cookies and site history manually and get to 3 to 4 MB cache. Since 74.0 and now 75.0, under Privacy & Security, I clear some cookies and site history, but cannot get below 1GB in cache size. I can't find what has happened.

My logins are still available, even after I cleared "Everything" history; signed out of my Fox sync account; cleared "Cookies and Site Data"

My logins (username/email addresses & Passwords) are still available, even after I cleared "Everything" history; signed out of my Fox sync account; cleared "Cookies and Site Data". So for example, after doing the above, I'm now logged out of my gmail account, but if someone steps in front of the computer I was using, runs Firefox, and goes to, they can see all the gmail accounts I have and can log in to them. How can I remove all logins from the Firefox browser on the public computer? Firefox 76.0 Windows 10

New firefox for Android : regression, regression, regression (cookie management)

Tonight my firefox for android was repkaced by some crap for which I do not understand the interface. Several of my extensions were removed removing dome feature I consider as very important. I used Cookie Auto-delete to manage the cokkies depending on sites. I cannot do this anymore. Now I am stuck with a global management. I have some trusted sites for which I want to keep the cookies, most other I want them deleted as soon as I close the tab. Firefox used to allow this, Firefox does bot allo trhis anymore. I cannot trus firefox for android anymore.

One particular web site keeps refreshing though I have tried all the recommended repair options such as turning off acceleration, turning off add ons, cookies.

I have a problem with a particular web site that I have previously used without problem. It keeps refreshing and stops me using the news links within the web page. I have tried deleting cookies, stopping hardware acceleration, stopping adblock java, etc. Disabled adds ons under Safe Mode. Nothing seems to work. I do not have problems with any other web site.

Firefox Multi Account Containers

When I log in to my google account using Firefox Container Tabs and after after sometime Clearing all cookies in the Browser Google Account logs out, Is there any way to keep it logged in ?

Page isn't redirecting properly ?

I cannot get into a website, but I tried on Chrome and I the site is accessible and runs well I get the message "page isn't redirecting properly" Cookies etc. I enables every cookies, still not working How do I fix this please?

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