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I keep getting this when I go to Facebook page (only started a week or so ago). The page isn't redirecting properly An error occurred during a connection to This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies. I`ve tried to do myself but not working any help anyone, please Thank you


How can I remove cookies on my iPhone? I can on my computer, but can’t seem to find that menu on my cell. It’s an iPhone 7 with iOS 13.8 Thanks for helping me out!

Manage cookies on Firefox android

I want to manage cookies on android, but all I can do is delete all the ones I have or keep them all. I want to delete cookies by site, but I can't find an option for this. Add-on cookie managers don't work on android - including on android beta. How can I manage cookies, and other local storage settings by website or even individual cookies?

What is the difference between "Allowing a site's cookies for Session" and "Allowing a site's cookies"?

Does "Allow Cookies for Session" (under Privacy and Security > Cookies and Site Data > Manage Permissions) mean that Firefox will only store websites cookies that are used to remember that we are signed in or does it mean that it will only remember cookies for a website until I close the browser? Does session mean: 1) The active session until I close the browser; 2) The session/fact that I'm logged in to a website?

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