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There's no option in privacy settings to turn off/on cookies for a specific website every time i try to open my website it ask me to click on accept risk and continue please help.

Office 365 cookie issue

I have configured FF to block all cookies under "Browser Privacy" the custom setting allows "Choose which trackers and scripts to block. and I selected "all cookies". Knowing that all cookies will be blocked I logged into office 365 and allowed manually cookies through "view page info" I then selected "set cookies" to allow expecting full access to office 365 mail, but this did not occur. What happened is I logged into office 365 and could see the icons and my login name but could not read the mail. Office 365 gave the message "we couldn't sign you in please try again" yet I could see my log in name and the office 365 icons for mail, calendar etc.. just not the actual data. If I allow cookies in Browser privacy (which i take it allows cookies always) it woks. I bring this up because it seems like something is missing in cookies that is not represented in FF.What is the difference between browser privacy cookies and allowing it through view page permissions? Can anyone offer an explanation?

Cookies not being kept is losing cookies (options selected and level of Sudoku). This has worked in past. Additional info. If I leave page and select Sudoku page again - cookies are gone. It is not a matter of closing my browser or even my tab.

Firefox cookies behaviour

I'm on Windows 10 Firefox 87.0 (64 bit). I have two firefox profile. The two prifile sync to my firefox account and have the same addons enabled. I'm investigating for a cooky of one well defined site Why I have different cookies for this site depending of the firefox profile active ? ( Of course firefox option cooKies are identical ) ( Of course if I check the cookies.sqlite of the two profile they are different for the same site ) Where I can check to discover this different behaviour ? Please don't esitate to ask me more info if You need

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