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The I-do-not-like-Firefox-29-layout topic

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(For Forum Moderators: Please read /forums/forum-moderators/710264?last=59300)

Moderators, please read first before closing/removing this topic right away?
To those wanting to react here on this topic: please, also read ;)
Since my original posting https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/997009 was closed because one of the moderators felt it was going off-topic (although it was red a lot and had 131 "have-this-problem" in just a few days), here a kind of re-opening but on-topic.
Why? Because I feel we have the right to express our feelings on this major change. And publicly there is actually only this forum where that can be done on the Mozilla.org domain.
Sure, the change is there and we have to live with it (if we choose to). But that doesn't mean we can not have our voice here because after many, many years of supporting FF with our use, we suddenly are facing a layout we were always running away from.
So yes, that can cause ranting and so on (within the forum rules of course) because people feel strongly about there beloved browser.
(edit rules link note the whole topic is ordinarily outside the scope of the forum ... Posts in the Mozilla support forum must be either questions about the use of Firefox, ... Users who post about things other than Mozilla support will be directed to an alternative discussion place .... . ~J99)

Plus this way you can centralize all the negatives here instead of a lot of separate postings about the same subject ;)
To the people reacting here in this topic: there is only 1 real way to let Mozilla itself know how you feel on the new lay out and that is not through this forum. The way is to go to https://input.mozilla.org/feedback/ and let it know there.
edit You need to use a supported Firefox to post Feedback so that will soon not be possible from Fx28 2nd edit. I was wrong feedback works with any version of Fiefpx now~J99

And I think when that is done in normal words (so no f*ck you rants and so on) and suggestions, then maybe, just maybe, it has some effect.
Also, there is an Mozilla support page with info on how to get the "old look" back, see How to make the new Firefox look like the old FirefoxBut it will only partly restore the old look, certain FF29 things can not be changed.

And yes, I myself am back to Firefox 28 which is not supported or suggested by Mozilla because it has things (bugs and security) that are not fixed in it. (Edit Please use Official downloads if you must downgrade links in Install an older version of Firefox and the growing list of exploits you will open yourself up to is listed here: https://www.mozilla.org/security/known-vulnerabilities/firefox.html ~J99)

I am not suggesting or advertising to others to do the same. It is a risk I am willing to take and only say it is an option.
edit My reason to go back to FF 28 is because that version still has the intuitive feel and look Firefox one was praised for. With a logical lay out and a good way to simply customize it (also in about:config).
For those who say/think "Come one man, stop whining! Grow up and just accept that Firefox has to go with its time!", to them I say: nope ;)

First edit Modified May 10, 2014 7:54:58 PM BST by John99
2nd: re feedback

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Comment by a Moderator Some of the subjects in the long thread

Modified May 27, 2014 10:17:21 AM BST by John99

P.S. Feedback & discussions options see also links in /questions/998106?page=2#answer-568374

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I don't know if this matters, but I just Googled "firefox ver 29 feedback" and this thread was the top result I got back.

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Indeed, when you do a Google search for "firefox 29 feedback", then this topic is mentioned as number 1. And it somewhat matters: it's a broad search term and it is very telling that this is coming on top. Logically one would expect that a Mozilla URL would show up but since there is no way to really communicate with Mozilla ... well, this is the result. Actually kinda sad. But, when doing the same search on Bing for example, this topic is not showing. So I guess it's also the way Google as search engine is working that this topic is coming as no. 1 result.

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Right on. Thank YOU ! ! ! I'm checking out Safari at the moment (MANY thingks about which I DON'T like, except that it's VERY fast and displays SAVE-ABLE URLS without me having to spend hours n hours searching for a soln to the glitch that cannot AUTOMATICALLY display URLS upon uninstalling FF29. and reinstalling FF28.0). As I get little bits of time for 'puter NON-SENSE in the future, will check out other browsers - and meanwhile hope that FF can get back to being MUCH more like it's old self again without us having to do irritatingly time-consuming BUSY WORK in order to have Good OLD FF ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

edit-addendum --- just to be clear, this is in response to original post

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Google may (also) have another M.O. . . . advertising difficulties of a competitor ? ? ? ? ? LOL ! but not funny <3

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Thank you ! I will check out Pale Moon next ! btw - Tried to add YES to "helpful" but that button didn't work. Yer Inglish is just fine ! < ~ ;`

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Why deactivate yr account ?

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I agree, esp with respect to reducing number of addons needed - addons impede functionality. One of the best thingks about old FF is it's SIMPLICITY.

Further, IMHO, this is some of the BEST support I've found - both with respect to the tech --- your compiling of relevant links in orig. post along with further relevant tech links added later --- AND with respect to community support - which IS relevant IMHO --- it's part of what COULD make FF even better than ever. And hopefully, we eventually can develop a community which can integrate the developers with the users ! ! ! - Now wdn't THAT be a welcome rarity in today's splitting apart world !~) Integrity, Integration, Elegance, Shibumi ! Then "eye-candy" is not needed.

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Thread closing.

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