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Filesize download limits

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My office uses firefox. I want to put download restriction there to avoid internet surfing blockage. Is there a way i can put a download limit in firefox? That is to say no one can download a file that exceeds a filesize of say 30 MB?

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Thank you for your message. In order to put a download limit, this would have to be done through a antivirus or firewall in the office.

The only about:config entry I found that was close limits the amount of server connections: '''''''network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server''''''' this can be read more about on this About:config MozillaZine Page

MDN also has a way to manage preferences on many platforms if you are interested in checking them out

Parent Controls in Windows can be set up for the user as well, but that is beyond this forum. At this time I do not think that this is possible from just Firefox.