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PDF Viewer isn't viewing some fonts correctly

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Some of the fonts in our PDFs are unreadable in the PDF viewer (example: bullets and footer in this document: http://info.bannersalesforce.com/xpedio/groups/public/documents/literature/b_3138824.pdf and all text relating to images on page 5 of this document: http://info.bannerengineering.com/xpedio/groups/public/documents/literature/38244.pdf )

I believe it might be related to some of the fonts in the document, maybe some of them are OpenType? I'm not a font person so I'm at a loss as to why some fonts are displaying correctly and others aren't.

I switched my PDF viewer to use Acrobat but I can't ask all my customers to do the same. Is there a patch planned for this issue?

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The file works fine for me on Linux, so this is likely a problem with the font that is used in your case.

Does it help to choose a different default font?

You can try different default fonts and temporarily disable website fonts to test the selected default font.

  • Tools > Options > Content : Fonts & Colors > Advanced
  • [ ] "Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of my selections above"
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Hi cdfaux, can you temporarily hide the text layer to see whether the problem is in the text layer or in the background canvas? To do that, after inspecting that line, scroll up in the HTML tree on the left side and click

<div class="textLayer"

to select it. On the right side, in the Rules list, click that top element category and create a new rule:


This should hide the text layer (which is normally transparent anyway) and show what's behind it. Is yours anything like the attached (or what you see in Adobe Reader/Acrobat)?

Unfortunately, since this background layer is an image, there doesn't seem to leave much room for manipulation or investigation by the end user. Presumably the problem is a missing or conflicting font, but it's hard to track down with the normal browser tools.

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Hi jscher2000. With hidden text layer (display : none) I keep seeing the same (bad). With Adobe Reader I see it perfect. We generated this PDF with InDesign, did a trick to try? Thanks.

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Hi Cor-el. With ""Allow pages to choose..." unchecked, it´s OK. But this trick don't resolve the problem, I need assure the compatibility of my PDF. Thanks.

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Hi cdfaux, what font are you using for that line?

Does the problem only occur when you use a bullet or other special character?

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Which font is Firefox using by default if you enable this setting to allow web page to choose their font(s)?

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Wow! the problem went away today! Apparently an update was downloaded: But now that's ok for my & creutiman PDF's. Thanks!

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I just updated to 25.0.1 and I am still having the issue. When I look at this PDF the font in the graphic is all crazy with symbols and it should be arial font. Can you see this PDF correctly?


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dkcorreia, what version of pdf reader? I installed the last: 0.8.696 Maybe that was the real solution.

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Hi dkcorreia, this document is over 350 pages. Could you indicate which graphic or graphics have the problem? (I didn't see anything abnormal in the first 50 pages.)

Not sure whether it matters, but I set my default Sans Serif font for "Other Languages" to "Arial Unicode MS", a Windows font with a wider range of character support than regular Arial. (Screen shot attached.)

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It is working for me today. I refreshed and I can now see all the text in the graphics. I have Firefox 25.0.1 and PDF Plug-in 11.0.05. THanks for all the help. Denise

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