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Cannot keep download window open when web window is closed. Any solution?


Currently running Firefox 19.0. Upon this update I cannot keep my download window open / running unless I have a web window open. When trying to close the web window while downloading a file, I get the message, "If you leave the Private Browsing mode now, 1 download will be canceled. Are you sure you want to leave the Private Browsing mode?"

In previous updates I was able to have the download window open without any web window being open. Simply, I'd like to just have my d/l window open by itself, no web window open, as I was able to in previous updates.

Is there any solution?

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Tyler Downer
  • Administrator
  • Moderator
1165 løsninger 6639 svar

It's because you are downloading in Private Browsing. Download in regular mode, and if you close Firefox with an active download you'll be able to download after closing Firefox

Nyttigt svar

Thanks Tylerdowner. Is there anyway where I can only keep the d/l window open file while staying in private browsing? In previous updates I was able to do so.