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Upgraded to Firefox 10.0 and reinstalled Real Player v. Still no video download capability and Firefox states the Real Player plugin is not compatible. Any ideas?

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Firefox is not recognized as a browser within Real Player, even after reinstalling Real Player. Worked OK prior to upgrading to FF ver. 10.0. The Add-onn is not recognized by FF ver. 10.0

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Are you talking about Real Downloader ??

-> RealPlayer - Download This Video option does not appear

-> RealPlayer - Download This Video button is missing

Check and tell if its working.

May not be related to your problem but some of your Firefox Plugins are out-dated -> Update All your Firefox Plugins -> https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/plugincheck/

  • When Downloading Plugins Update setup files, Remove Checkmark from Downloading other Optional Softwares with your Plugins (e.g. Toolbars, McAfee, Google Chrome, etc.)

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This question is not about the RealPlayer plugin, but about the "RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin" extension that adds some extra features like downloading media files.

It is up to Real to add support for each new Firefox version for their extension and Firefox or Mozilla can do nothing about that.

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I'm sick and tired of hearing from moderators that Mozilla "can do nothing about that". You're right that the Record Plugin extension has to be updated by RealPlayer's Developers, but you're dead wrong that Mozilla's Developers bear no responsibility for this. The fact is, it is always the Firefox upgrade that caused this problem and for this reason alone they are responsible. They have a responsibility to coordinate these upgrades with the Developers of a critically important extension like the RealPlayer Record Plugin. The proof of this is that after the upgrade to Firefox 4 Symantec's Developers said they needed two months to update and test the compatibility of the Norton Toolbar because Mozilla was no longer locking in the source code 5 months before. I told a senior Team Leader of the Case Mangers that although I knew this was Mozilla's fault, I couldn't understand why Symantec's Developers and Mozilla's Developers are not talking to each other and coordinating such an important Toolbar. He thought it was a great suggestion and one week later their Developers stated on their forum that they were now coordinating the Toolbar compatibility with Mozilla's Developers and were very pleased at the recent responses.

Every upgrade of Firefox after that had the Norton Toolbar immediately compatible because of that coordination!So don't five us this nonsense that Mozilla's Developers have nothing to do with this. I've also told this to RealPlayer's Developers as well. If you're going to moderate forums you need to take users' complaints much more seriously. And I know that this is "not about the RealPlayer plugin, but about the 'PealPlayer Browser Record Plugin' extension that adds some extra features".  I know damn well what the difference is, that's why on my post of this problem I defined it correctly (although I referred to it also as a Plugin because that's what the name actually says) but you know damn well what everybody's complaining about and without this RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin - yes, that's what it's called by name - the word extension is not part of the name- RealPlayer is almost useless. 

Yes, I know full well that I can use Internet Explore for the Download button but if I wanted to do that I wouldn't be using Firefox. With the fiasco with Firefox 4.0 some idiot who called himself a developer tried to lie and do the same thing you're doing by blaming the Norton Toolbar delay on Norton's Developers because, supposedly, Mozilla had locked in the source code five months before. I confirmed with Norton's Developers that this simply was not true. It also is totally illogical. What the hell did he think Norton's Developers were doing for that fictional five months - playing games?

It's about time you guys stopped blaming everybody else for your upgrade problems and started coordinating this better. With Firefox 4 you didn't even have the decency to inform us that the Norton Toolbar was not compatible yet BEFORE the upgrade, like you did for the candidate's version.. And please don't try to correct me about the term "candidate's version", because that's what that final beta version was. It's this very attitude of "it's not my problem" that's also the reason you're clearly way behind Chrome in speed. And that's based on all the industry standardized tests that I've run and personal experience Even though I don't like Chrome, it's clearly much faster and yet I keep searching information from Mozilla that you're working on the speed and I rarely find any reference to it at all. And yes, I know there was a big increase in speed between FF7 and Firefox 9, but no improvement at all in Firefox 10, and no mention of speed about Firefox 11 or 12. 

By the way, how about trying to get Developers giving some updates and clarifications on this forum like Symantec does, instead of good company guys like you just playing guessing games and defending the status quo.

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Cor-el said : This question is not about the RealPlayer plugin, but about the "RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin" extension that adds some extra features like downloading media files.

He was notifying about this to me since i replied to the thread earlier and provided articles about using the Real Player plugin with Firefox. So i edited my reply above and provided instructions (that i know about) for using the Real Downloader extension with Firefox.

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Thanks for the clarification. The articles you provided certainly are useful to many users and the basics have to be ruled out anyway before we assume something like this is a Developer issue. And cor-el was good at clarifying the technical difference between the RealPlayer Plugin and the Record extension. But I felt he was passing the buck by saying that Mozilla could do nothing about the compatibility of the Record Plugin extension. I even said in my own post replying to you about these articles (sorry if I sounded critical, I didn't mean to be), that we have to encourage more users to complain to Realplayer's tech support and Developer forum. I talked to RealPlayer's Tech Support today and the Developers are working on it and I did try to tell them that their Developers should try to coordinate the Download button extension compatibility with Mozilla's Developers but I doubt their going to listen. That's why I hope more people will complain about this because, since Firefox is now on a six week release schedule, we shouldn't have to be without the download button for weeks each time.

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Excellent reply above Thank you..( I knew it!)

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Until lately,The Online Angel program at the college would only work with firefox 3. something. Then they upgraded everything and would work only with FF- 11 !!! Now Real Player will not work or download. Hey guys, I waited to up grade and now cannot do my work in class online! I have school video's to use and cannot access them!! This is a new Quarter, if I cannot assess my school work, I lose ,y grant and have to drop!! I need Real Player NOW! HELP!! Somebody PLEASE!! I will yell If I want!!!

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Hi HomeView, The problem with the RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin was fixed by an update to RealPlayer - I'll explain the steps to get it . Also, the current version of Firefox is 11.0, so make sure you've got it- just click on Help, and then About Firefox, and run the update, if you need to, which either should be automatic or ask you depending on how you have updating set. The new updated version of RealPlayer,with the fix, is To get the updated version, do the following...

    1- Click on the RealPlayer logo in the upper left corner and then click on Check for Updates.
    2-There should be an update checked for the 15.0 version, but it probably doesn't yet read, but it will after you install it. Click Install and it'll install automatically, just follow any instructions.
     3- After installing, click on the logo and then Help and About RealPlayer to make sure it now reads version 15.0.72.
     2- In Firefox, click on Tools, then Add-ons,then click on Extensions (it's called a Plugin by RealPlayer but Firefox lists it in the Extensions folder. Look for the RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin and click Enable, unless it's already reading Disable, which means it's already enabled (this was updated two months ago and that's how it worked then). The important thing is to make sure you get the updated version with the fix. If RealPlayer isn't working either as you say, you can  uninstall RealPlayer from the Uninstall Programs list, restart your computer and then reinstall it from Real.com, which will also give you the new version of RealPlayer automatically. Just remember to check that the Browser Record Plugin is enabled. 

One more thing. If you reinstall RealPlayer there's a notice to click on in order to install the plugin,which pops up a little while after installing RealPlayer. I'm not sure, but I think I remember that now the extension is not immediately there, but it will be when you get the pop- up notice.

Ændret af CheckMate den

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Thank You, Thank You!! It was the final reinstall that made it work (+ checking and making sure that enabled was off and it said disabled -weird on wording) But it Works, Thanks a bunch!!

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I reloaded RealPlayer and it was 15.0.5, so I thought it would work with the newest Firefox update, I went to preferences in RP, and it said it only works with IE. Help? What am I doing wrong?

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Based on what you actually told me, you're not doing anything wrong. That's the current version of RealPlayer and it definitely works with the current Firefox 14.0.1 ( as well as the recent 13.0.1). What I think you're referring to is the Web Download and Recording feature. The reason Firefox is not on the list of installed browsers is that check box automatically enables Download and Recording for the listed browsers. But with Firefox, an additional pop up asks you to install the RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin extension, which is optional - you have to allow it . It's just a feature of Firefox, but since the check box doesn't, by itself enable Web Download and Recording, it's not on the list of installed browsers that will be enabled ( though it still MUST be checked or you won't get the pop up to install the extension). Confusing? Yes, but that's the explanation.

There is a major conflict with the RealPlayer extension caused by the Adobe Flash Firefox plugin update 11.3.300.262 on June 8 which still hasn't been completely fixed without an advanced workaround. RealPlayer put through a partial fix (in the current version that you have),to allow you to see videos, (which was the problem) but you still have to disable Protected Mode in Flash for the download button to work. This works with the current Flash update 11.3.300.265 but RealPlayer is working on a permanent fix which will be available in the next update, so check periodically or automatically.

If you're having other Flash problems with the 11.3 series, you can read very good instructions in RealPlayer's Knowledge Base article (with video instructions) on how to uninstall the 11.3 Flash, how to install the 10.3, and even how to disable Protected Mode, which you can try with the 11.3 if you want - it works - I tested it with two 11.3 updates from Adobe, (although there are new problems with Chrome 20)

But none of this happens with the earlier, safe Flash version 10.3, which also doesn't have Protected Mode. Just remember, as it says in the KB instructions, if you run the Adobe uninstaller it uninstalls both version of Flash so you then have to install the Active X version for Internet Explore, even if your not using it, for ReaplPlayer to work properly.

 Those are actually my recommendations to RealPlayer and the article is very clear, with direct links. The reason it's entitled "RealPlayer plugin blocked by Firefox" is that Firefox has been trying to disable that extension by default ( but you can enable it easily), although it doesn't block it for everyone - just check the extension and make sure it's enabled in Firefox. Tools>Add ons>Extensions>RealPlayer BrowserRecord Plugin.

RealPlayer KB article "RealPlayer plugin blocked by Firefox":


 Note:This thread originally was really supposed to be about a compatibility update for the RealPlayer extension for RealPlayer with Firefox 10.0. several months ago, so don't get confused by earlier posts. I'd refer you to a more appropriate thread, but I think I've answered everything for anybody else who's having a current problem with Flash and RealPlayer compatibility.

Ændret af CheckMate den

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I can't find the RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin in my extensions. Did I miss it, or should I delete RP, and load it again?

Thanks for the help Checkmate.

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When you install RP 15.05.109, and then open Firefox (newest version is 14.0.1), you're supposed to get the pop up asking you to OK the install of the RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin extension. It doesn't install automatically - and the "Enable Web Download and Recording" check box MUST also be checked, which it is, by default, so something is wrong.

First, make sure that box is checked - RealPlayer button>Preferences>Download & Recording>Enable Download & Recording for these installed browsers (no, Firefox isn't supposed to be on the list, but the box MUST be checked to be able to install the extension after you get the pop up.

Open Firefox, and go to YouTube and click on any video. Do you get a pop up asking you to install the extension, or just the error on the video?

If you're not seeing the RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin at all in Firefox Extensions - Tools>Add-ons>Extensions - try uninstalling RealPlayer and reinstalling from real.com.

Which Adobe Flash is installed? Did you revert back to the 10.3? Even with the newest (still defective) 11.3.300.265 you should still get that pop and then you have to make sure it's enabled after you OK installing it, because Firefox has been trying to block (disable) the extension by default - but it can easily be enabled even if that happens. But then you still have to disable Protected Mode to use the download button, but only with the 11.3 Flash versions. You can check the RealPlayer KB article for instructions on the Adobe Flash problem choices. The simplest is to uninstall Flash and revert back to the earlier 10.3 which works fine until Adobe fixes their mess.

Important Note: You also have to install the Flash Active X version of 10.3 for Internet Explorer for RealPlayer to work properly, because the Adobe uninstaller removes all versions of Flash.

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Once I moved beyond Firefox 3.0 and above, I had this problem with Real Player Downloader no longer working. I tried the many solutions listed. I haven't completely solved it, but I found one partial solution that got downloader to work. I uninstalled Real Player completely, and at the end of the uninstall, when it prompts you for the option to install JUST the Real Player downloader, I installed only the Real Player Downloader. I re-launched Firefox, and now the Real Player Downloader worked. However if I attempt to re-install the complete Real Player onto my system, the Downloader stops working again in Firefox. Frustrating.

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I've reinstalled Flash 10.3, made sure the RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin 15 was enabled, and made sure the "Enable Web Download and Recording" check box was checked and it's not working and I still get the error message. I'd like to watch and record videos, so what am I doing wrong? If I delete RP, then I can't record, and I'm not familiar enough with other video recorders to know of a good one.

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You don't need to worry about other recorders. RealPlayer 15.0.109 works perfectly with Firefox 14.0.1 and Adobe Flash 10.3 which MUST be installed for BOTH Firefox and the Flash Active X for Internet Explorer. Every single person on several threads who've had any problems have either followed other, flawed instructions, or not followed mine correctly. I've asked you several questions and you said you installed the 10.3, enabled the Browser Record Plugin and made sure the Enable Web Download and Recording box was checked, which is good,but you need to answer more specifically with a lot more details so I can help you.

I gave you the link to the RealPlayer Knowledge Base article with excellent instructions to install the 10.3 (they're mine, and very well written by their Developer). Did you read it and follow those instructions EXACTLY to run the Adobe uninstaller, delete the extra files, restart the computer, and then install the Adobe Flash plugin for Firefox - the one "for other browsers" AND the Flash Active X for Internet Explorer. Every single step has to be followed or it can't work and we have to figure out what's missing here and you have to tell me everything.

I helped someone else who followed some other, deficient Firefox Support instructions to revert to the 10.3 and ONLY when they told me EVERY SINGLE STEP they did was the mistake obvious to me and I helped them start over and correct it.

You say you're getting an "error". What error? The not seeing videos error (with black windows for videos) or a pop up from RealPlayer that you need to install Flash for Internet Explorer?That's certainly a clue but you don't say what the error says. You say you installed the 10.3, but you don't say exactly how you did it - if you ran the Adobe uninstaller first - and most important, whether you installed the Flash Active X for Internet Explorer which is required for RealPlayer to work properly. Also, make absolutely sure you don't have the Real Downloader ( a separate stand alone downloader installed - it can conflict with RealPlayer. If it's listed in the Control Panel Programs and Features list of installed programs, uninstall it first and reisntall RealPlayer. When you uninstall RealPlayer, it now asks you to install the Real Downloader - DON'T! That's only offered if you only want that limited feature without the full RealPlayer.

Please tell me every single thing you did, even if it seems unnecessarily detailed. Be specific.

First, open the Control Panel and check the following in the List of Installed Programs in Programs and Features...

    1. Adobe Flash plugin version- should be 10.3
    2. Adobe Flash Active X for Internet Explorer- should be 10.3
    3. Check if Real Downloader is installed - if is, uninstall it.
    4. Firefox version - should be 14.0.
    5. RealPlayer- should be

Cllick on the Start Button, then type "control panel"- click on control panel above and make sure "category" is selected where it says "view by" - then find Programs and Uninstall a program - that brings up the List of Installed Programs - it's always important to check that list in a situation like this, even if you think you did everything right.

We'll figure this out, but just be very specific and reread that KB article's instructions on running the Adobe uninstaller and reverting to the 10.3 - (just ignore the other choices, unless you want to use Internet Explorer or Chrome which will work with RealPlayer even with the current Adobe Flash 11.3 series, as well as the 10.3 because all the problems were only caused by the 11.3 Flash plugin for Firefox.

How to revert to the 10.3 Adobe Flash: https://real.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/9930/~/realplayer-plugin-blocked-by-firefox

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@ Figaro14

The Real Downloader is conflicting with the Browser Record Plugin extension from RealPlayer. You need to go to the Control Panel and uninstall it and ignore the offer to install it when you uninstall RealPlayer. That's only offered as an option if you don't want to install the full RealPlayer. You can't use both. Any other major problems are likely cause by the current defective Adobe Flash 11.3 plugin series for Firefox. Please see my other posts about that.