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Firefox 6 & 7.0.1 keeps freezing for 30 seconds

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Helly, my problem started with FF 6. It keeps freezing the whole browser after a few minutes. I think every 15 minutes it's freezing. Now I went to the helpforum and somebody gave the advice to deinstall FF. Run CC Cleaner. And then reinstall FF. I did that, and seems to work. It wasn't hanging anymore. BUT it came back!!! I don't have a clue why. I changed nothing to my pc. Now I have upgraded to 7.0.1 and the problem of freezing is still here. When it freezes, my whole pc freezes. I can do nothing else. please fix it!

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hello, last weekend I cleared my history and cookies and it seems to work! No more freezing for me since then. I used livechat with Firefox, and they say it's maybe a corrupt file in history that can cause this freezing. So maybe this can be a solution for other users.

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Thank you Imajakov!

For the first time in about 3 weeks I am using Firefox again! I've tried all the Troubleshooting Mozilla suggested and about every forum post out there to fix the freezing/connection issue with Firefox. Reinstalled, safe-mode, turned off virus software, firewall, everything. Nothing worked. Lastly I was hoping that changing network.http.max-connections to 48 would work, but frustratingly it didn't either. I was about to give up and resign myself to using IE (ugh!! I hate it), when I saw your post at http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=2322845&start=15. It's only been about a half an hour, but this is the first half hour in weeks that Firefox has worked!

Mozilla - do something about your product!! Users should not have to go thru this, you are making us resort to other browsers. At least include this fix in your Troubleshooting!!

Thanks again imajakov <3

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I use XP with 7.01 and have an older computer so here is what I've been doing (no freezes or problems with FF so far..knock on wood!):

While I am on FF, I occasionally open a blank tab and clear the cache. I also upped my settings from the default of 5 mb to 40 mb. by using tools, options, network and changing the storage there.

CCleaner is a must, for anyone with an older computer. Search for CCleaner, download free via Pirifoam and save to desktop..and download from there. I've used it for years and love it. You'd be amazed at the amount of crap that stores up daily or even hourly, while cruising around the net.

No more freezing and I have several tabs open, watch videos, etc. It only takes a few to open a blank tab and clear the cache...and it keeps me up and running.

FB has a new and very invasive cookie. So I run CCleaner, after signing out of there. This cookie follows you all over the internet AFTER you sign off! So, can't express enough how useful CCleaner is in these times of high graphics, tons of cookies, etc. It clears all browsers of cookies, history, temp files, etc. Plus it gets rid of crap left behind when you uninstall programs. I didn't change any settings..just ran it "as is"...have been using it for years!

IE has cookies that kept coming back, after cleaning and cleaning. That's why I came back to FF. Tried Chrome but it's HUGE for this older older computer. I love FF.

Good luck!

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The interesting thing concerning the last two posts is that we should not have to keep constantly clearing data. The problem didn't exist before, and it is more frustrating to have to constantly clear data that should not have to be cleared.

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Brand new high end system build and installed the lasted firefox and now I'm dealing with freezing issues while browsing the internets, are you f'in kidding me! Now Firefox and Internet Explorer can suck it! I wasn't even doing anything out of the ordinary.....I've done software development in college and your beta testing process must BLOW!

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Oh Yeah not to mention I have issues playing some youtube videos and the whole DIVX plugin issue...F'in crap!

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your welcome. glad to help!

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When this happens, check your disk activity via Resource Monitor (under Task Manager\Performance) Here is what I get, which pretty much explains what the computer is doing: the disk queue has crashed (the response time is in milliseconds).

When the freeze passes, all these numbers drop to single digits and the graph maximum drops from 50 to 0.01

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For me the solution wasn't downloading an add-on from Firefox but downloading a program called ccleaner. After downloading it I went down to Registry on the Upper Left of the screen and selected Scan for issues on the bottom left of the screen. When the program finished with the scan the Tab labeled Fix selected issues lighted up and after that was done Firefox didn't freeze on me anymore.

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Went to 8.0 and still hangs on Video (images) 30-45 deconds and have latest ADOBE flash, no luck. Very frustrating. May have to move to Chrome... Really Like FF but this is ridiculous been going on for a month or so....I can recreate the problem within 2 or 3 minutes of loading variious videos from Yahoo, MSN, Weather Channel, etc.

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Guys, why don't you just try what I suggested last month:


Hi folks.

I've just found this: http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Firefox%20hangs

Check the "hang at any time" section.

I also had the 30-second freeze every 10 minutes or so. I've applied the suggested solution, and so far it's been a couple of hours since I've been using FF (7.0.1) without any issue. Fingers crossed!!!


That totally erradicated the problem, and it's a really easy procedure to apply. Trust me. Since I wrote this comment, I've never ever experienced the issue again!

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I have firefox as well and it started to freeze on me about 3 days ago. When this happens I just either have to wait it out or turn off my computer and reboot. This is not right. It also does the same thing on IE9 which I also have. IF anyone has any suggestions as to how I can fix this please post on here. I am getting very tired of NOT being able to use my computer!

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