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firefox NEVER crashed. Firefox 7 crashes and locks up every five minutes

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I switched to FF a few years ago and never had a problem Wonderful program. FF wanted to upgrade to V7, and it installed fine. Since then, FF locks up every five minutes so bad I have to reboot. My email locks up, yahoo freezes, and I cannot type more than 5 letters in a chat without lockup. Somehow, your annoying help section tries to blame this on other programs!

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Mozilla is up to 9.01. I Did not have any issues with 7.x... But 8.x and 9.x are nightmares... on Xp, Win7 and OSX... All I can say is use something else like Safari, Opera or even IE. they All are more stable than FF. :(

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I will check out the beta8. Thanks. How odd [and so annoying] that FF refuses to admit FF7 is a POS, but then quickly brings out FF8 in beta.

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Dear Firefox-

My heart is broken. I had loved you for so long even though you had your quirks and required tweaking. I'm going back to my old flame, Internet Explorer, because at least it is faithful and works all the time. It doesn't drop my home pages. It doesn't take up a gig of memory. It doesn't require massive patching. And it seems to be more concerned with function than looks. You're very sexy now, but you've lost your soul and I can't stand it.

-Your broken-hearted former user.

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cor-el...man i have avg pro installed on my pc....i don't have any viruses or malwares....with all the respect i think the newer versions of Firefox(or plugin-container) are acting like the worst viruses or malwares... i mean is unacceptable because of a browser my pc is completely freezing forcing me to restart it or automatically restarts with a nice blue screen.....i repeat i have these problems since firefox 4 -being not the only one in this situation http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/questions/797354

 ....now along with firefox 7  i installed also firefox 3.6.23 version (using  same plug-ins and extensions)...and guess what.....with this older version all works great and i don't have any problems...(so what's the point of releasing 10000 versions if they are just pure crap and don't fix anything?)

i think mozilla should maintain this older versions until 2099 . Cheers!

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Agreed! My firefox 3.6.23 works fine

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yeah 3.6.23 works much better .....but lol finally my pc has just frozen again and automatically restarted....so i'll try in this version too , setting dom.ipc.plugins to false (edit-doesn't have any effect,still crashing)... or i will revert to a version before that plugin-container was installed - saw in another thread someone suggesting 3.5.10 being much secured than 3.6.3 -

i read that plugin-container was introduced in Firefox 3.6.4 so someone could tell me how come i have this process running in 3.6.23 ? thanks in advance

anyway i just hope that Mozilla will ever fix or disable this nonsense process or what is related to it .

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I might have discovered the solution without starting over with all your places and bookmarks.

Right after i installed 7.0.1 over a week ago,every 10-30 min When i would be watching videos online, it would freeze for 20-30 seconds. Firefox would say ( Not responding) both firefox and the plugin container process would be very large memory files. I tried to go back to Firefox 5.0. No avail it would still freeze.I tried to disable the plugin container . no good. I tried to adjust memory or cache or plugin settings in “about:config”.Nothing fixed it!

I finally discovered why my Firefox 7.01 was periodic hanging fix. It is something to do with some of your personal files. download this this add on and install it https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/places-maintenance/

or you can Google "places maintenance Firefox"

After you install the add on, restart Firefox.go to "tools", then "add ons" and then click “extensions” tab ,then click' options" on the "places maintenance" entry. choose "ALL' or just "expire" and hit "execute", then wait until its done., restart Firefox. should be fine then and all my bookmarks, customizations ,settings, and history stays untouched!

After i did this my Firefox did not freeze once for over 3 days straight. Might not work for everyone. I already read that Mozilla is aware of the problem and are working on a fix it in the full version of 8( the 8 beta did not fix the problem for me) . But they said this is a good temporary fix at least,( might be permanent)

For me at least ,Firefox works fine in 7 now. perfect actually.And many people i saw on similar forums had similar problems.

Enjoy. Hope this helped

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I have this problem as well. It actually started with my last PC, which hadn't been formatted in about a year or so. I attributed it to malware, junk, etc causing it to act the way it was. Anytime I would load a page that had any sort of Flash content, Firefox would freeze for anywhere from 2-5 minutes. When I regained control, it reported that Flash had crashed.

2 weeks ago I built a new PC and expected to have no issues. I was wrong. After Win7 was up and running, I installed Firefox 7, installed the latest version of Flash and Java, and fully updated Windows. Once all was said and done, I realized that the freezing troubles in Firefox followed me into my new machine....exactly the same symptoms in my last machine. Freezing with any Flash content, Flash crashing....seriously irritating.

If I can't find a solution to this soon, I may have to make the dreaded switch to IE as well... which I really don't want to do.

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I have used Firefox from way back when it first came out. (back in 2006) I loved it. And until FF6, I had no problem and each update made it better. When they came out with FF6, I upgraded that day. For me, I didn't have trouble on my main computer, but my office computer I had some glitches, and a few other people I know did. Now that FF7 has arrived, I upgraded the day it came out in hopes to fix the glitches, but I found it made things incredibly worse. Originally I thought my computer was glitching, so I dealt with it. But my parents told me of the exact same thing happening to them, as did my friends and sister, and when I upgraded my office computer, it practically killed it.

I don't know what the issue is, or why they are denying a problem. My only guess is something else is that firefox itself uses isnt playing well. I notice that Flash is horrible, and whenever I start a video on youtube it freezes for a minute. Oddly enough I found that if I opened a file on my computer and navigated through folders briefly, it would come unstuck and suddenly be fine. So I dont know if its Flash or Firefox, or something completely different.

Needless to say, until Firefox fixes this, Im going to Opera. (Which I use on everything but my computers. Ipad, transformer, and phone...and DS when I had it.) I refuse to use IE due to all the flaws that make FF look pretty still. My bank has huge warnings not to use the new IE due to security issues.

Firefox...Mozilla...my friends. I do not hate you. But I am disappointed in you.

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Might want to read my post in the following thread:


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Might want to read my post in the following thread:


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Just to follow-up on my earlier post, I have tried numerous "solutions" found online, but nothing solves my freezing dilemma. I despise IE, so I had to find something. So, I have downgraded my Firefox to version 3.6.23, and have been smooth sailing ever since. With the same version of Flash, and version 3.6.23 of Firefox, I have been running for hours without so much as a sniffle of a hang up.

Mozilla, please fix Firefox 7!

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DeZaStr, downgrading to V 3.6.23 solved my problems also. The only time that version chokes for a bit is when I have 30 or 40 tabs open. But that is clearly my fault, expecting too much. And it recovers.

Of course, FF7 choked on 3 tabs. And would not recover.

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Mozilla 100% blew it with this release. It would have been OH SO NICE to give me the OPTION to update or not. After the consistent crashing on two separate computers I would have chosen NOT to upgrade the third. NO CHOICE. My ONLY recourse at this point is an uninstall.

I'm down to ONE add-on, and that's Firebug. I'm guessing they've done a little better job at debugging.

(BTW, I'm posting this via Safari.)

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Firefox I loved your browser. Worst mistake I ever did was upgrade from Firefox 3 to Firefox 5 and then to Firefox 7. Firefox 7 has fixed nothing memory wise. I like to keep 8-12 windows open and any idle time kills my browser as the memory usage climbs and climbs. I have had it. 5-6 times a day with Firefox 7, I have had to close the browser and restore it. I can't take it anymore. I have now gone to Google Chrome. Memory Fox 7.4 did not to help as well. Firefox you really have blown it. Pathetic that you claimed Firefox 7 solved the problem. It didn't. Simply horrible.

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So as I am reading through this this has been going on for some time. many people have complained. The one solution that looks plausible is a solution dated 2009.

Mozilla come out come out where ever you are this is not what people expect from your browser. What is the fix

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This fixed the constant freezing in 7.0.1 problem for me, it's a bug fixed in 7.0.2:


In the meantime the add-on discussed here fixes it.

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It's just too freaking late for me:

Dear Firefox: It's official - I've divorced you

October 11, 2011

Dear Firefox:

It has been a long and, up until recently, a very happy marriage between you and me. However, your recent screw-ups have caused me to file for, and finalize, our divorce. This was done without your comment or consent, I understand; however, despite all my best efforts to penetrate your thick skull and reach you, you refused to respond. I believe my actions will be beneficial to both of us in the long run.

I suppose, now that I'm gone, you want to know "What happened? What did I do wrong?" Well, the first thing is that you failed to respond to repeated requests and statements that Firefox was becoming slow and bloated, not to mention a resource hog. Additionally, despite repeated pleas and requests for you to FIX IT, not a darn thing was done about Firefox constantly freezing, with no way to even close the window without resorting to the dreaded "ctrl+alt+del" to start task manager to shut you down and free up my system. Indeed, my fingers became fast friends with those keys in the past months. I almost know them better than I know my own name!

Now that it's over, I can hear the question you're dying to ask, so I'll ask it for you: "Is there someone else?" Why yes, Firefox, there is, and his name is Chrome. Oh, stop sniveling and crying; it makes you look like a baby instead of the supposedly grown-up browser that you should be. Unlike bloated-slow-memory-hog YOU, Chrome is sleek, and fast and - - well, all I can say is WOW - - because my system memory use remains low, and I have not had ONE browser/system freeze in the week since my secret marriage to Chrome.

I know, I know ... you plan to bad-mouth me behind my back, and try to make all my friends believe that the reason behind our breakup is all *my* fault - - when, in reality, you KNOW that I had nothing to do with it, and the fault lies in your refusal to listen to reason.

So, Firefox, it is goodbye. No, don't try to stop me; I've made up my mind, once and for all.

And, in the immortal words of Rhett Butler: "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!"


Best of luck in your future relationships and endeavors,


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Well said, Suz, but one correction. No, they are not dying to ask you why you are divorcing Mozilla, because based upon their lack of response to this problem, they obviously don't care.

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And yet someone marked it problem solved even though none of their fix's have solved my problem with it hanging.

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I have the same solution as Josebrwn. I found the solution about an hour ago - since then NO MORE FREEZING for the first time in weeks! Install this add on - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/places-maintenance/ Open the dialog with Options. Select Expire on the list, and click on Execute. After spending weeks trying so many possibilities, this took about three minutes. I have run Task Manager resource monitors on CPU, Disk, and Memory since then - clean!

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