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plugin container exe shows up several times in task manager the longer i run firefox and seems to multiply when i shut firefox down.

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too many plugin container exe running anything from 2 to twelve at any one time. how do i stop this. some of them show only a small mem usage 216k whilst others can show 26,000k.

it gets worse when i shutdown firefox the plugin container seems to multiply like ants at a picnic often taking up to a minute before they all start to dissappear.

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Whilst I do not know what Windows shopper w/ Superfish is I suspect if it is as you say downloaded without consent or knowledge it should still be detectable. From your description, and its reported detrimental effects it would appear to be malware, or at least adware and I would expect steps may be taken to identify it.

Possibly what you are talking about is from http://www.superfish.com/ however that appears to be a firefox add-on and they list in their faqs the standard procedure for removing it http://www.superfish.com/faq.jsp#q10

I think the problm with plugincontainer starting up multiple copies when deleting cookies etc occurs is a known bug, and a completely separate problem to anything to do with Window Shopper - Superfish

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I am using Firefox 4.0.1 (win32, en-US) on Windows XP Professional SP3 (i386, ENU). I am able to solve this problem by renaming the "XUL.mfl" and "startupCache.4.little" files (after closing Firefox first of course). Search for the files in your system (C) drive, making sure to search for hidden files and folders, then rename the files to different names. After renaming the files, try relaunching Firefox and using the "Clear Recent History" function (with "Cookies" selected) for a few times, and hopefully the problem should be solved.

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I am currently running FF6 and have had this problem since FF3. Rarely do I have more than 3 tabs open. Clearing cookies or history is not the problem. Sometimes there are as many as 9 instances of PIC (plugin container) running at the same time, and memory usage can be as large as 100,000K in a single one. I don't know what starts them, but stopping them through program manager seems to work. They don't usually come back but every once in awhile one will start again. FF crashed in the middle of writing this and I had it restarted and there is not one single instance of PIC running right now.

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If you are using a windows machine process explorer from sysinternals may be useful in tracking down what is running, it has additional features compared to the standard MS Task Manager.

The plugin container multiple instances when history/cookies are cleared is a known bug, hopefully it will be fixed soon.

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This happens to me too although not when I close Firefox. It just happens when I clear my private data. In addition the plugin-container.exe's don't use up that much memory. To be honest their presence is actually irrelevant in my case since I have plenty of ram even if 20 of them opened. For the most part though I've seen no more then a max of 4 or 5 & they disappear completely once I close Firefox. By the way I'm running 7.0.1 & this problem seemed to disappear a version or so previous.

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