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firefox crashes constantly regardless of webpage

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firefox is crashing constantly

firefox is crashing constantly

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we may be able to offer help if you can get the specifics:

Go to the address about:crashes and tell us your latest crash IDs. We can then look at the data specific to your crash and have a better idea of what is causing the problem.

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i have the same problem. It just freezes. I think its because of the new version of shockwave flash addon. After it was update the problem started

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Crash troubleshooting


One of your add-ons might be the culprit. Try running Firefox in Diagnose Firefox issues using Troubleshoot Mode with all add-ons disabled. If that solves the problem, see Troubleshoot extensions, themes and hardware acceleration issues to solve common Firefox problems and possibly Troubleshoot issues with plugins like Flash or Java to fix common Firefox problems

Are your plugins updated? Check this by going to http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/plugincheck/

Are you using the newest version of Firefox?

It is important you use the latest version of Firefox because it includes stability and security updates. The latest version of Firefox can always be downloaded from http://www.getfirefox.com. You can check if you are using the latest version of Firefox by going to Help | About Mozilla Firefox. If you are not, see Update Firefox to the latest release


Different types of Malware can cause Firefox to crash. For more information, please see Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware

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I've got the same problem. Any help would be welcomed.

bp-6fb6c789-db1b-4c69-8c17-16b5b2101016 16/10/2010 13:50

bp-755fd758-98a8-401e-a9e6-b9ef82101014 14/10/2010 22:50

bp-9518e7d7-4987-4e7e-b1c3-c654b2101013 13/10/2010 20:59

bp-a71ca912-08ef-4ba3-971d-761ed2101012 13/10/2010 02:16

bp-c602ab03-57bb-4139-9b26-677c72101012 12/10/2010 22:05

bp-071c661c-7a86-410a-afec-723412101012 12/10/2010 10:40

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I also have this on two Windows 7 machines. Here are the crash reports: 42ef80a1-0e28-4f6b-ac9d-620ec74c21aa 19/01/2011 11:28 PM bp-2f39e7f5-d73c-4e89-b2e7-a0fbb2110114 14/01/2011 10:19 PM 3d880f43-4620-43df-87fc-1926990fa2be 31/12/2010 08:12 PM bp-1dacb0f4-c30a-4da5-9556-463ee2101027 27/10/2010 05:28 PM 51ee7c5e-f454-4649-a858-e97cd390f43f 30/07/2010 09:11 PM bp-220e9968-5b16-4bdc-ad8d-784822100504 04/05/2010 06:16 PM


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Same problem, just installed it on win 7

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This browser is incredibly unstable.

If I have more than 4-5 tabs open in Vista, it's a sure bet it will crash and the page will gray out if I open another.

Lame....very lame.

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I have to join the chorus. Firefox completely hoses at least twice a day, usually in the middle of work that ends up being lost. FRUSTRATING!!!!!

The only way to resolve the problem is to end the process in Task Manager, which shows unbelievable suction of memory resources. Talk about the Big Gig Mozilla in the room. Back to IE.

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I would really like to submit a crash report. But Firefox doesn't even recognise that it has crashed both itself and my computer. I don't know how to gather any evidence to identify the cause.

My computer will suddenly reboot, losing everything I'm working on. No particular sequence of events prior to the crash, other than using the browser.

Firefox v 4.0 windows xp.

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I solved it uninstalling the IE 9 from my machine, and this problem also ocurred with Firefox 3.6.17 and Google Chrome 11. Tried to install the Win 7 SP1 by Windows Update but got an "Unknow error", this worked fine after the get IE 9 out too. My system: AMD Phenom X4 / 3GB RAM Windows 7 Home Premium Without SP1

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Seems to be an intermittent problem. I have found the problem to be Sync with Xmarks. If I turn Xmarks off, no more crashes. Try and sync, and it crashes every time. Turn sync off, no more problems. Guess I will go back to Crome so that I can keep all 3 comps synced.

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Since the "new improved" versions have come out, there have been a lot of crash reports from a lot of people. It's clear that the problem relates to the "new improved" versions, and that the problems are NOT insignificant. To suggest that the problems relate to something unique to a particular user's machine, operating system etc. is not at all helpful. The problem's cause is generic, and the solution should also be generic. I've been experiencing these crashes for the last few months, and quite frankly it's not worth my time to go through the effort and exercise to find the unique feature that may be the source of the problem.

Firefox has had more than an ample opportunity to fix the problem, and it hasn't done so. I'm switching to Google Chrome.

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Report ID Date Submitted bp-43761b7a-cf38-4d6a-8ae7-e7f372110622 6/22/2011 11:57 PM bp-c3ebea44-9ed9-4993-8fc1-32fb12110622 6/22/2011 11:44 PM bp-cc5c3ffe-6035-4727-ac3e-9d2042110622 6/22/2011 11:39 PM bp-7ab3b11d-4ccc-4499-9d7c-434ee2110622 6/22/2011 11:34 PM 7457abcc-8231-49e7-a063-dde9618a2970 6/22/2011 11:31 PM

Just started after some MS security updates

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Here is the signature that it gives me when i go to about:crashes. So sick and tired of Firefox crashing, seriously thinking about heading back to IE,kicking and screaming the entire way! I want this to get fixed so I don't have to do that!

Signature: GCGraphBuilder::NoteXPCOMChild(nsISupports*)


HELP ME!!! Disabling the Add-Ons DID NOT HELP!

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Crashing several times a day for no observable reason. Happens when I click a link, move a open page to a new window, type a search into Wikipedia and hit enter, anything at all.

"bp-a2a083c4-4897-4f19-9762-70b5c2110628 2011-06-28 8:53 PM"

"bp-0685b41c-5019-45c3-825f-be33b2110628 2011-06-28 7:08 PM"

"bp-44ad46de-ca17-419c-a310-917462110620 2011-06-20 7:11 PM"

"bp-a68d9d1b-dad0-4be2-a3a3-3f0bc2110619 2011-06-19 7:18 PM"

"bp-61840b55-1b0c-4b21-96e0-77cee2110617 2011-06-17 10:23 PM"

"bp-248b8c5f-7909-4026-acd0-c0f112110615 2011-06-15 9:26 PM"

"bp-0c29a7bd-8364-4913-bda3-147962110614 2011-06-14 8:51 PM"

"bp-3d80deb2-1f7c-4eb7-8abf-de7c42110614 2011-06-14 8:12 PM"

"bp-46dbb6e7-ca82-4575-8ce0-bfa632110613 2011-06-13 7:11 PM"

"bp-41b2402f-b20b-496e-8c17-acad62110611 2011-06-12 3:14 AM"

"bp-4ca146f9-402c-456e-b396-d01412110611 2011-06-11 11:26 PM"

"bp-dba0e280-7ecc-4bc0-8e9e-c373a2110611 2011-06-11 8:35 PM"

"bp-5c204d57-436c-46b8-9686-738a72110611 2011-06-11 5:16 PM"

"bp-a8fa044c-1458-4012-bfe1-691bc2110609 2011-06-09 10:01 PM"

"bp-8cba57da-0c3b-4712-a979-f198b2110609 2011-06-09 9:10 PM"

"bp-1263305f-f7ab-4a27-9742-211fd2110608 2011-06-08 11:26 PM"

"bp-edf66167-ee4e-4614-ae30-ac4742110608 2011-06-08 11:24 PM"

"bp-3984aff0-d09a-40f5-afeb-45c2b2110606 2011-06-07 12:48 AM"

"bp-e5efb313-3b89-4851-b95c-367062110526 2011-05-26 10:37 PM"

"bp-54437e7f-7401-4bf4-a944-7e1ec2110526 2011-05-26 8:49 PM"

"bp-0d29b57a-a601-421b-9f72-8c4742110523 2011-05-23 12:13 PM"

"bp-4000052d-9048-440a-8222-fe73b2110523 2011-05-23 11:21 AM"

"bp-281c6549-9d95-480e-b9b3-712b22110522 2011-05-22 9:53 AM"

Using windows 7 64 bit, but Firefox 32 bit (4.0.1)

Ændret af alainbryden den

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I wondered how I'd missed this thread but it is ancient history. The MyWebSearch plug-in would have been the likely source of the original problem.

Strongly recommend that you establish your own thread with your own questions and your particular problem and as much detail as you can re extensions, plug-ins and third party toolbars.

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This thing is as unstable as a troubled child on crack. x.x il continue picking off addons till it stops but as a helpful hint firefox people make a "dumb lock" on it to prevent addons from crashing it if an addon tells it to do something making it crash DON'T let it do it. D:<

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I am having so much trouble with Firefox crashing!!! I have tried everything to fix it myself, even removed a program, and IT IS STILL CRASHING!!!! This really did not start until 5.0 was installed. Please help!!! This is getting so old!!!

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Look how many times Firefox has crashed:

bp-5cc4f020-2c28-4a13-8039-9858521107107/10/20118:22 AMbp-1dddb971-1cd2-48d9-b691-5e87321107107/10/20117:57 AMbp-f2a43dc3-a3b0-458e-95b3-baef121107097/10/20111:40 AMbp-e13cdd5b-b170-4004-81c4-444d021107097/10/201112:29 AMbp-9183be0c-59e5-46bb-931b-062ad21107097/9/201111:26 PMbp-85d0be39-8efe-4d7c-a9c7-6b52821107097/9/201111:17 PMbp-6982855c-c54f-4116-b2ea-ca36921107097/9/201111:16 PMbp-fc4036f7-f58d-4d68-bb6f-ab67221107097/9/201110:59 PMbp-0f78dcbb-ce76-42e7-9e8e-74cb721107097/9/201110:49 PMbp-0cf66b4a-df9b-4081-874d-4cd9121107097/9/20111:45 PMbp-f2ca6168-ddbc-4559-b096-9dbe521107097/9/201112:55 PMbp-aca8480d-45a3-4ff8-afcf-71c3921107097/9/201112:25 PMbp-28b392bd-8e35-4837-af17-021ef21107097/9/20119:05 AMbp-0b39b311-0df1-4da8-b2eb-d993121107097/9/20118:14 AMbp-bee936da-eadf-4568-a3b4-e085121107087/8/20117:58 PMbp-295e0828-1fbb-4683-8704-f1d7e21107087/8/20117:11 PMbp-8d5d5b4a-7ece-4866-8e8c-cf61321107087/8/20116:54 PMbp-faff9ac1-3181-4eac-bf40-6523021107087/8/20117:41 AMbp-74d93fed-db09-48b8-aabc-7bcec21107087/8/20117:24 AMbp-0b06220b-1d1b-40c6-aa69-c531321107077/8/20111:36 AMbp-6b319f22-9fa1-49b6-a73d-e41c721107077/7/201111:58 PMbp-d9e6c1e3-1063-4227-9361-8ffac21107077/7/201110:12 PMbp-f03db371-9657-4718-bcdb-f82fd21107077/7/20118:43 PMbp-8abd5d2f-c631-40a3-8436-731bf21107077/7/20118:30 PMbp-0534d7b4-eda9-4698-88d4-df59221107077/7/20111:38 PMbp-fc240ba4-d9bd-4761-ac4a-d4bec21107067/7/201112:42 AMbp-4584acb3-dc30-4681-a65a-d00b421107047/4/201110:54 PMbp-c3fc99c0-4f52-4672-aacc-b13e321107047/4/20118:19 AMbp-5688b7dd-a6b9-4e49-8566-c11ab21107037/3/201112:35 PMbp-8f6bf4b6-e99d-4048-a968-4e7ee21107017/1/20119:47 PMbp-6a5027f1-c05e-40e6-bc42-7356521106276/27/201112:04 PM31c4e26a-8def-49cc-8f61-53577411188e6/25/20117:20 AMe40db904-92e0-4687-bd0c-92a8d93db2bf6/25/20117:20 AM7fea8fde-8ebc-49b5-b8b6-7092f48c4d306/22/20116:14 PM75b00896-46e4-4870-961f-ed4f90b24ae66/22/20116:14 PMbp-3e3d7448-c7dd-4190-8c98-a93b021106196/19/20119:01 PMbp-d9a61cef-13b1-4345-b566-79c4a21105185/18/20117:32 PMbp-a3101043-7232-49ac-829b-f58cf21105125/12/201110:38 PMbp-19d6e3e9-a44a-4737-bbc4-92e7721105125/12/20119:22 PM2ef2a3b9-daef-4a35-88a9-7711be86fe59


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