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Firefox has began too slow since 2 months

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Firefox is running very slow these days even on broadband as compared to Google Chrome and IE8. This was never the case before. I have latest Firefox 3.6.6 download version. Please do rectify this issue, else I might be one of many who will switch on to IE or Chrome soon

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== Since 2 months back from now

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( XP SP3) Takes forever to load compared with all other browsers even after disabling most of my AddOns.

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updating to the latest Java version (by clicking Help --> Check for updates) seemed to have resolved the slow response for me. Used to take a long time to load the home page when a new browser session was opened. Seems to be very quick now.

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Firefox has been very slow lately going from page to page and even just scrolling down the same page it stops and starts and stops and starts. No problems with Safari....

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I agree, tabs are slow in loading. Sometimes the page freezes temporarily, and then begins to respond normally. I love Firefox, and hope that these issues can be resolved soon. By the way, as I recall, this began with the newest version, 3.6.6. Thanks!

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Started using Firefox a couple months ago, and I also noticed that in the last few weeks it's been really slow, to the point that I get cannot load page errors, but if I start up IE and go to the same page, it loads right up.

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It happens to me using for exemple the www.ig.com.br

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i have the same problem after installing the new version 3.6.6

uninstalled it , and i installed an alder version 3.6.4 , same problem !!

it was never like this !

i don't khow what's going on ??

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FireFox used to work flawlessly when I first started using it several years ago. I loved it. But, I started noticing more and more problems every time I upgrade it on my PC. After the last upgrade, a couple of weeks ago, it can't even open more than one browser window properly. The first browser windows opens OK, but the 2nd one will show only a blank window and half of the top menu bar. Everything on the browser window responds very slowly, e.g. if I click-on Bookmarks menu to mark a page, it takes several seconds for it to show the Bookmarks drop-down menu.

Also, what is this plugin-container.exe that runs every time I play a video? I don't think I seen this program before the last FireFox upgrade. It consumes 50% of my CPU; makes everything else run very slow, even though I have Duo Core on my Dell.

Is FireFox becoming another Internet Explorer? That's unfortunate. Maybe it's time to find a different browser... I hate to give up FireFox, but I'm tired of all the crashes and slowness...

FireFox developers: all we need is a browser that works... what's the point of adding the extras when the basic thing can't work properly.

P.S. I can't even scroll down this page without delay (it seems FireFox is keep needing extra time to respond), very annoying...

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agree! and in addition keep it in mind that it crashes many times in a single day!!!!:(:( for God sake some response

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I have the same problem for Firefox 3.6.6 using a Macbook pro with all the latest software updates. Even this session, when I tried to select "I have a the same problem" in the "Post Reply" section it lagged and also while I typed this message, it lagged 3 times (and I type fast)...

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Same problem with 3.6.6 on two different computers. Taking up to 70% CPU resources, usually around 50%. makes the PC useless.

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"FireFox used to work flawlessly when I first started using it several years ago. I loved it. But, I started noticing more and more problems every time I upgrade it on my PC. "

Yup, yes, and oui. Firefox used to be the bomb, and now? It's become as slow and nasty as IE.

What happened, Mozilla?

Many FF users are switching to other browsers out of sheer frustration.


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Same problem here. Have tried disabling all add-ons, clear cookies and cache and nothing seems to resolve the problem. Is Mozilla addressing this? I have heard nothing as far as a response for this problem.

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Same problem: too slow. Switched to Google Chrome with NotScripts and WOT add-ons for security. During the next several weeks, I'll check for a fix. If none found, it's a permanent switch.

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Windows 7 \ x64\ 4GB \ amd 9500 \ Firefox 4.01

3 days ago began to slow down, it happens after 1-2 hrs of browsing or being in idle before that i've installed beta version adobe flash x64 for IE9, and adobe acrobat reader for firefox, but i found same problem at work today, win xp ff3.6 it seems like memory leak happened, not really sure where, testing a bit and few days ago there was some win 7 patch nothing else changed

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