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Microsoft Windows update is hijacking address bar in Firefox from Google to Bing

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Microsoft updates hijack the address-bar search engine from Google and sets it to Bing. Uninstalling the update solves the problem, but then I am left without the update. There is not any new plug-ins or add-ons when I restart my Firefox and there does not seem to be anything in about:config set to Bing when I look for "search" or "address". I don't understand how Microsoft is Hijacking the default address-bar Search engine. The search engine in the search box is still set to Google. Based on my search around it seems that this is not specific to one update but happens with different updates.

1. Is there a follow in design of Firefox that allow Microsoft to hijack the default search engine? 2. Is it possible to block similar behavior in the future? 3. Is it legally OK that Microsoft can modify my Firefox without explicitly asking my permission? 4. How can I change the search engine in the address-bar back to Google?

Keywords: Microsoft Windows Update, Hijacking, Firefox, Address-bar search engine, Bing, Google

Operating system

Windows 7 Professional

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Thanks cor-el for suggestions,

There is no new add-on installed, nothing like Bing bar or search helper extension, so the first link does not help.

I neither have Bing toolbar, so the second one does not help with this.

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More information:

Bing's search page has "form=MSSRPD" parameter. It seems that windows redirects anything that it can not solve to Bing.com. Any idea how to avoid it? How does Firefox deal with the words that can not be resolved?

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" I found the answer: In case you have the same problem, go to registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\TCPIP\Parameters and empty the mshome.net value from the ICSDomain key, then disable and re-enable your network adapter. "

This worked. It seems that Microsoft Windows redirects all one word hostname questions to Bing. Although this is not a problem by Firefox, I am sure Firefox can do something to avoid this.

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This fixed the problem for me.

Please make this solution more visible.

Thank you very much for the original poster of this solution.

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Editing the registry wasn't a permanent fix for me. Bing continued to take over my searches, even after editing the registry, so I did a little bit more digging under my network settings. I have Internet Explorer disabled, but apparently that doesn't matter when it comes to your Internet Options. I went to the Control Panel> Network and Internet> Internet Options. Then I selected the "Programs" tabs along the top and clicked the "Manage add-ons" button under the "Manage Add-ons" section. That is where Microsoft has snuck Bing in for everyone. Click "Manage Add-ons" and go to "Search Providers" on the left-hand side. You'll see Bing listed as your top priority search engine there in the menu on the right, overriding what you have set as your default in Firefox. It had Google set to second here, even though my settings in Firefox clearly reflect my preference for Google. Right-click Bing and click 'Remove' to get rid of it. Then right-click on Google and select 'Set As Default'. Restart Firefox and Bing will no longer hijack your address bar. It will begin using Google again. Hope this helps! It's much easier than editing the registry and it worked for me.

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I am using Vista and didn't have search providers listed on my manage add-ons screen. Any other suggestions? This shows why everyone hates MS so much!

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I just checked my PC with Windows Vista and the options are the same. I went through Internet Explorer and then selected Tools> Internet Options and did the same thing that I previously installed. The only difference on my PC with Vista that I noticed was that Google was set to default and Bing was second. I agree that this really makes you want to dislike Microsoft. It's ridiculous.