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Firefox update

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Sorry if this has been said, i haven't been able to find it using the words i know. First of all, i'm newbie in general so if anything is missing in the explanation just let me know. My computer uses Linux ( Ubuntu 17.10).

The problems are several and are connected, i believe. Some years ago, when updating the firefox browser throught the "official app store", the name of which i only know in catalan, "programari" and haven't been able to find the analogous name right now. The update was actually an installation of firefox quantum that duplicated my Firefox browsers ( at least in icons, i had both ) as i now had the updated one and the old one, which i simply stopped using. Several problems arose in using this format , for example when i try to open from terminal Jupyter lab i needed to have already open the quantum version, otherwise it would simply open it in the old browser and that was a problem for other things not interesting here maybe. There came a moment where this new so called quantum browser stopped working, i.e. it crashed in completly white screen, while not being able to close it, and, furthermore, without being able to uninstall it, again from this app store, as everytime i tried it the app store window would just show me that it was working ( i pressed uninstall and the "cercle around" dynamic icon showed), but no matter the time i left it to finish it never did/does. Now i'm trying to, again, update the OLD firefox browser i had because it is so old ( version 61 ) that many webs can't even be used ( Netflix for example). HOWEVER, i have to say that any of the official helps to download/update firefox has been of no use for the moment. That is, the "update firefox to latest release"( https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/update-firefox-latest-release) page assumes that the update will take place by just going to << Help->About firefox>>, but it doesn't; and the alternative method, using "Choose which Firefox Browser to download in your language" page ( https://www.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/all/#product-desktop-release) downloads me a compressed file ( in concrete firefox-88.0.tar.bz2). What is the problem with this? i haven't found a single word saying what to do after this download... i'm a newbie i only see a whole bunch of archives and files within but i don't have the Icon to press( yes, there is the firefox executable program that if you press appears the browser, but how can i place, and use, this outside the file( when i move it outside it stops working)) and so be able to use access the browser without having to go all into the downloaded file?

I know this is extremely long and i apologize for it. Here in the following i'll simply summarize the questions mentioned in hope that someone has any answer: 1) Why Firefox quantum, installed from the official app store in Linux ( it is/was the only Firefox appearing there as if it was the older version), didn't update the last version i previously had and made instead a duplicated, conflicting sometimes with the older ( Jupyter lab problem mentioned ), version. 2) Why has this Quantum browser suddenly crashed in my computer and why i can't even un-install it. 3) What is to be done with the update-downloading compressed file ( coming from https://www.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/all/#product-desktop-release ) as to end up with the nice-looking, usually found, firefox browser icon in the screen, instead of having to go inside the file to use it.

Many thanks to anyone being able to help this troubled-guy in his proces of not going back to google chrome and windows.

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