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Descriptive tags for emails?

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Hi Forum Folke,

I'm wondering if there's any way to attach a tag (or something) to individual emails so I could "hover" over the email and have that tag pop up with a few key words as to what the email is about without having to open it.

What I'm trying to do is assign a few words to each email... I have a folder called "Pending Purchases," and anytime I order something online, I put the confirming email in that folder, so I can check periodically to track it. Problem is, especially with Amazon, the emails they send are cryptic, in that they give order numbers and tracking numbers, but in no way indicate what the item IS. I'm a busy little beaver, and it's not uncommon to have over a dozen orders floating around in there; some are order acknowledgements, and others are notifying me that an order has shipped. It gets tedious, opening the email, clicking on the link to go to Amazon, signing in, then seeing what the order actually IS. And I get lazy about it... every once in awhile I have to go through them all so I can delete the ones that have already shown up... and again, the tedious process of having to run to Amazon to see which item this order is... It'd be much nicer if I could assign a tag to that email (or emails) that said "smoke detector" or "camera and tripod" when I hover over the email... or right-click it and select 'tag' or something.

I realize that this feature doesn't exist yet, but I think it would be a nice addition to T-bird's functionality. I suppose I *could* just invent custom tags for each email, but again, it would get pretty tedious having to juggle everything and make sure that the tag for that item got deleted... just seems like a kludge that while it would work, would be a cumbersome way to go about it

So anyway, thanks for reading this, and I hope somebody more creative than I am has an answer to this.

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