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desktop shortcuts for different browser sessions

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Problem: I need to run different browsersessions with multiple tabs. I sort the websites in multiple browser windows about topics which i need for different tasks. So far no problem. I also managed, that when i close Firefox it will restart that different sessions. But - there is no need to have all them sessions open at the same time, which also costs a lot of RAM and CPU power.

My idea was to have different desktop shortcuts to start them different sessions only when i need them.

Up to now this is not common. But it seems to become a common need. A lot people work with lot's of tabs at the same time and struggle with their resources. As admin i can see that very often.

I assume, that it is possible to handle that with a script. But then i would have to change the script with every change of a single url. 

Does anyone have a simple and smart solution?

Thank you all in advance and happy new year for everybody! :-)

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Either try the add-on for containers or use the Nightly version of Firefox. see screenshot of Nightly.


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Thank you for that hint! It´s a cool feature which goes into the ment direction. But my need is not to collect several sites in a container, which still keeps them open. I want to have different instances of Firefox with different content to start and close directly via a desktop shortcut. The reason is not the privacy or the need to use different logins for one site (great feature of the container extension!) I want to and rest resources in a fast and easy to use way.

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You can only do it with use of profiles, see Profile Manager - Create, remove or switch Firefox profiles.

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I think this is similar to what you are trying to do, but you will need to tweak it with the commands. Good Luck.


More commands are here.


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There might also be session manager extensions that allow to select what session to restore, but that allows to run only one session at the time. For multiple sessions at the same time you need separate profiles like posted above.