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Sent emails - problem saving

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Working from home and using my own computer to send emails on thunderbird. I need to get the work computer to hold a copy of the emails I have sent. I've sent work an email containing one day's sent emails. I though I could simply unzip the emails and put them into my sent folder at work. But when I look at the work profile it isn't obvious that any existing emails sent from the work computer are in a sent folder (I've sent 3 test email from work and can see them in thunderbird's sent box but not when I open the thunderbird [profile in file explorer). Am I coming at this from the wrong angle or am I trying to do the impossible? Help please. Jools

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Assuming this is the same email address/mail account which you can access from both computers. You would need to use Imap accounts on both computers.

Then all sent emails are stored on the server which is accessed by both computers via an Imap mail account.

If Thunderbird is used on both computers, then IMAP accounts can either download full copies or just headers to save on disk space.

If full copies are downloaded then they are kept in mbox files. mbox files do not have an extension and they have the same name as the folders you see in the Folder Pane. The mbox files are text files (not folders) and contain emails written one after the other in the order downloaded, so oldest will be at the top.

Imap account folders synchronise with server to show what is on server, so they cannot be regarded as an independent copy.

Q: Do you use Thunderbird both at home and at work? Q: Are you using the same email address to send emails on both computers ? Q: Are the email addresses/mail accounts on both computers set up as Imap mail accounts?

So in effect do you have identical set up both at home and at work?


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Toad-Hall. thanks for the reply. Not sure if this reply will show as coming from Clerk3 (posted from the office) or something else (currently posting from home) but I need to apologise straightaway as I realise that I may have unintentionaly misled people. Yes I do use Thunderbird both at home and at work. BUT for the business in question where I am working from home I'm not using thunderbird - I am using gmail's import account feature (which is POP3) to get the emails and sending via gmail. The same email address is being used. But nothing is IMAP.

Life was made more complicated because part way through September the firm changed its domain name. I wish I did have an identical set up at home and work, but I don't.


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re :BUT for the business in question where I am working from home I'm not using thunderbird - I am using gmail's import account feature (which is POP3) to get the emails and sending via gmail.

So in this case Thunderbird is not being used - you are logging on to gmail via a browser to see imported mail and send responses? Which means all emails are actually on that gmail server and not in Thunderbird?

Have you tried to create a gmail account in Thunderbird to access that particular gmail account which has the imported emails from business?


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Thank you Toad-Hall. I hadn't thought about getting the emails onto the work computer by doing that. I'll give it a try next time I have to go to the office (which could be a while). Regards, Jools


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