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Headache with syncing options, profiles and settings

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I'm really more and more disappointed with FF that I used to love. The sync function is not easy to use, it syncs somewhat randomly. Not user friendly at all, to say the least! A real headache.

I'd like to sync the state disabled/enabled of my extensions. I guess it's not possible according to this page: http://wiki.mozilla.org/Services/Sync/Addon_Sync#Can_I_have_different_enabled_states_on_different_machines.3F Note: services.sync.addons.ignoreUserEnabledChanges is set on default, i.e "false", so it shouldn't "ignore", and services.sync.prefs.sync.addons.ignoreUserEnabledChanges is set on "true", so shouldn't it propagate to another machine?

I don't want different enabled states on different machines, I want the same, but syncing a new machine only download automatically my full list of addons, and they are all activated. Also, they all, or almost, open pages to say things like "Hey, thank you for installing this addon, blablah..." which is particularly irritating, opening one tab after another tab while I'm trying to work.

Profiles, I used to use them a lot, but seem dead or almost, for the benefit of containers. But, according to my understandings, containers are for keeping separate sessions cookies (which was easy to do anyway before with a good cookies managers), but don't allow to have a separate list of addon activated for different uses (addons for programming, addons for playing, etc...)

Anyway, FF, unlike Chrome (that is really more handy for such things that FF), doesn't show the current profile. So we don't know what is the current one, unless letting permanently opened about:profiles or https://accounts.firefox.com/settings/clients. There were extensions to show the current profile in the titlebar, but they are all dead now.

So, containers, profiles, it doesn't matter, but I'd like to have:

- States of the addons synced - Or even better: a separate list of activated addons according to the task I'm doing. (Was that profiles did)

My problem is that my profiles are not local. I use a machine to create a profile, and I need to use this profile on another machine. But it simply doesn't work without using a third-party software and copying all the files. I don't understand why profiles don't sync. Having all my profiles synced and activated at the same time, connected, like I see on accounts.firefox.com/settings/clients, is useless in my opinion. The only good thing of sync is syncing bookmarks, history and login, this works perfectly, but syncing addons, and preferences, is a pain.

I used services.sync.prefs.##### = true, for each of the setting I wanted to sync, but opening a Firefox on a new machine, and syncing, sync nothing of my selected preferences.

There are no syncing way. I don't understand why. When I sync bookmarks by using an online service, it asks me if I want to overwrite the local bookmarks from my distant machine, or the opposite. But here, "sync now", we even don't understand what is synced from what, once we selected the given sync options (bookmarks, logins, etc) in the preference menu.

- How to propagate my about:config setting from a profile or a machine to another one (a fresh start one)?

Thank you.

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