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How to edit (add, delete or change) words in the dictionary?

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Hello all, If I right click the eye-lighted mis-spelled word I get some words as option for that one. None is right. I also have the option to add that word to the dictionary, but because the word is not properly spelt (i.e. the vowel has no tilde, Portuguese dictionary) I cannot add it. I have to construct the proper word (copy & past the accent tilde from another word ) and then add that new word to the dictionary. How do I do it? Also I found some words in the dictionary that are wrong (i.e. NAO without the tilde in the A) that I want to delete. How do I do that? Regards to all. Tony

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Hi, please see How do I use the Firefox spell checker?. To copy and paste, you may have to follow the article's instructions under the heading Removing a word you have accidentally added. Unfortunately, it will be rather cumbersome if you are doing that a lot. You may be able to find an alternative Dictionary which could be better here

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