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Firefox crashes

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BIOS_Manufacturer: Dell Inc. BreakpadReserveAddress: 2005619507200 BreakpadReserveSize: 83886080 BuildID: 20200403170909 CPUMicrocodeVersion: 0x410 CrashTime: 1586972234 Email: *** FramePoisonBase: 9223372036600889344 FramePoisonSize: 65536 InstallTime: 1586680603 MemoryErrorCorrection: None ModuleSignatureInfo: {"Apple Inc.":["mdnsNSP.dll"],"Microsoft Corporation":["msvcp140.dll","msvcp140.dll","vcruntime140.dll","VCRUNTIME140.dll"],"Microsoft Windows":["dbgcore.dll","wshbth.dll","pnrpnsp.dll","NapiNSP.dll","winrnr.dll","npmproxy.dll","usp10.dll","DWrite.dll","webauthn.dll","wbemsvc.dll","fastprox.dll","wbemcomn.dll","wbemprox.dll","dhcpcsvc6.DLL","dhcpcsvc.dll","winnsi.dll","version.dll","netprofm.dll","amsi.dll","avrt.dll","nlaapi.dll","d3d11.dll","D3DCOMPILER_47.dll","WINMMBASE.dll","winmm.dll","uxtheme.dll","dwmapi.dll","dbghelp.dll","wtsapi32.dll","wsock32.dll","DXCore.dll","dxgi.dll","ntmarta.dll","IPHLPAPI.DLL","dnsapi.dll","mswsock.dll","CRYPTBASE.DLL","devobj.dll","userenv.dll","umpdc.dll","profapi.dll","powrprof.dll","kernel.appcore.dll","msasn1.dll","win32u.dll","cfgmgr32.dll","ucrtbase.dll","KERNELBASE.dll","bcryptPrimitives.dll","crypt32.dll","cryptsp.dll","wintrust.dll","bcrypt.dll","gdi32full.dll","windows.storage.dll","msvcp_win.dll","nsi.dll","psapi.dll","setupapi.dll","gdi32.dll","sechost.dll","combase.dll","shlwapi.dll","msvcrt.dll","imm32.dll","rpcrt4.dll","user32.dll","ws2_32.dll","shell32.dll","SHCore.dll","kernel32.dll","clbcatq.dll","oleaut32.dll","advapi32.dll","ole32.dll","ntdll.dll"],"Mozilla Corporation":["firefox.exe","nss3.dll","mozglue.dll","lgpllibs.dll","xul.dll"]} MozCrashReason: Failed to get async shutdown service: NS_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND ProductID: {ec8030f7-c20a-464f-9b0e-13a3a9e97384} ProductName: Firefox ReleaseChannel: release SafeMode: 0 SecondsSinceLastCrash: 98 StartupCrash: 1 StartupTime: 1586972233 ThreadIdNameMapping: 11432:"Gecko_IOThread",4108:"Timer",1864:"Link Monitor #1",9560:"Socket Thread",13156:"TRR Background",16240:"BackgroundThreadPool #1",14096:"JS Watchdog",12040:"JS Helper",12584:"JS Helper",3996:"JS Helper",936:"JS Helper",5496:"BGReadURLs",1060:"Cache2 I/O",13748:"Cookie",3924:"Worker Launcher", Throttleable: 1 URL: UptimeTS: 8.44 Vendor: Mozilla Version: 75.0

This report also contains technical information about the state of the application when it crashed.

edit: removed personal information for your protection. (philipp)

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Sorry to hear about the crashes.

That data dump is hard to read. Can you share the crash report ID or a link to the crash report on the crash-stats website? Usually the easiest place to access that is on the internal about:crashes page but if Firefox won't start or run normally, sometimes you need to get it from disk. More info in this article:

Firefox crashes - asking for support

Also and/or meanwhile, could you test in Firefox's Safe Mode? That temporarily deactivates extensions, hardware acceleration, and some other advanced features of Firefox that might make it more prone to crashing on some systems.

If Firefox is not running: Hold down the Shift key when starting Firefox.

If Firefox is running: You can restart Firefox in Safe Mode using either:

  • "3-bar" menu button > "?" button > Restart with Add-ons Disabled
  • Help menu > Restart with Add-ons Disabled

and OK the restart.

Both scenarios: A small dialog should appear. Click "Start in Safe Mode" (not Refresh).

Any less crashy?


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