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How do I disable email confrimation for signing in into firefox account?

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When I log in into firefox sync from the new device, I'm being asked to provide verification code from email.

I have not enabled 2FA, I do nto want this as it does not add any security to log in, and is just a bother, especially since emails form Mozilla are treated as phishing and/or spam.

How do I disable this "feature"?

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Unfortunately it isn't possible to turn off the verification. As for our emails showing as spam, have you previously flagged them as spam before? I believe you can unflag emails, for what its worth. Sorry for the inconvenience


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Firefox Sync is something that by definition will be used on new devices regularilly, that's it's intended purpose. Verification by email is practically just doubling amount of passwords you must provide - especially since you have to log in with your emaail so it's already known.

So it's providing practically zero extra security.

I have never marked an email from firefox as spam. In fact it was more then a spam. GMail identified it as a fraud/phishing email.

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