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Firefox has become corrupted and can't open web links and you don't provide any help. I want to be able to also use internet explorer search engine.

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I want to be able to also use internet explorer and google search engine. I set firefox as default and that created more issues not resolved. Even if I set firefox as default, I can't open duckduckgo. This seems an insurmountable problem with NO help or instructions from firefox. I'm beginning to think I should dump firefox and turn to Chrome which seems to have no major issues. Firefox's help does not EXIST. Sorry, but there seems no help from you or solution to this issue which AROSE DUE TO FIREFOX UPDATE 74. NO HELP FIREFOX AT THIS POINT IS USELESS. I CAN'T EVEN OPEN duckduckgo thanx to firefox update 74.

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Menu bar: Help -> Firefox Help


3-bar Menu button -> Help -> Firefox Help

Select: Manage preferences and add-ons


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