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Is there a date yet for the actual deprecacy of the execCommand() javascript command?

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Hi there, I have this notetaking web application, that relies heavily on the execCommand, because it's practical and behaves as users are used to from other programs for text manipulation. MDN article says it's deprecated ( but my question is, how much should i worry about it not being supported in firefox anytime soon? If it would actually got unspported, I'd have to re-code all the functionality with a lot of hacks on my own, so I'd like to know it in advance, if possible. Thanks very much in advance & understand if you cannot tell me the answer

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Hi Adam Rajnoha:

This is a developer question and this forum is focused on user questions. Please ask your question on stack overflow (as the MDN site recommends) and tag it 'firefox' Cheers! ...Roland

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Hi Adam, there are a lot of bugs on file mentioning execCommand() but I don't see one getting rid of it.

Perhaps that's because no one wants to go first (between Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla) considering the possibility of widespread website and add-on breakage.

Should that eventually occur, I imagine someone will provide a JavaScript library to polyfill the missing functions, at least to the best of their ability, to tide you over to a rewrite.

Until that day, I guess maybe set a quarterly task to check the following mailing list where these kinds of major changes are often announced:!searchin/


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