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Update version change and profile deletion problems

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I was running version 72. as of Feb-18-2020 and have FF set to notify me of updates but not automatically update. I realized that the latest version 73.01 was available but I had not received any notification of the update from my public IP of

When I updated to 73 by directly downloading the file from "https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/" and installed the upgrade went directly to version 73.01 so I downgraded it to 73 and noticed that my profile was erased. 

Why would FF not notify me of a new realease since 2 versions where available 73 and 73.01 ? Is it normal for a minor version 73.01 to 73.0 downgrade to erase the profile ? I know a major version does this.

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Yes, when you downgrade your installation of Firefox, Firefox will have issues accessing a profile that was used on a newer version. This is to protect the profile from any issues caused by changes to the way that certain data is stored.

As a theoretical example, if the way that bookmarks are stored in version 73.0.1 was changed compared to version 73.0, then downgrading to 73.0 could mean that Firefox doesn't recognize the bookmark format and it might erase the bookmarks and start over in a format it understands.

Naturally, I've oversimplified it a bit and the above example is purely an extreme made up example, but that's the reason that downgrade protection exists.

However, you profile isn't "erased". What usually happens is that Firefox will detect that the profile isn't trying to load was run on a new version, so it will make a new blank profile for you and set it as the default. The profile and associated data is still on your computer though.

If you upgrade back to Firefox 73.0.1 you should be able to open the other profile that you were using. You may need to go to the about:profiles page in Firefox to set it as the new default and then restart Firefox.

There's really no logic reason to downgrade from 73.0.1 back to 73.0, since minor releases typically only include bug fixes.

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Mace2 said

... Why would FF not notify me of a new realease since 2 versions where available 73 and 73.01 ? .....

Problems were found with Firefox 73 soon after the initial release and that update was shutdown while the developers looked into the issues.

Keep in mind that Releases are staged, not every Firefox installation is offered the new version on the day that it is released. IOW, Mozilla doesn't "open the flood gates", the new version is trickled out (metered) in stages over a few days, AND when a problem is found the "the gate is closed"; then a "chem-spill" version - 73.0.1 in this case - is created to solve the "problem".

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I was running version 72 which came out in Jan, 2020 version later 73 then 73.01 where out but my Firefox on my Mac did not notify me as I expect well after a month.

I believe this was either a Mac OS problem or a network filter problem preventing me from receiving a update notification.

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Release date for Firefox 73 was 2020-02-11 = 10 days ago. Firefox 73.0.1 was either the 19th or the 20th, AFAIK - ((I didn't use my PC on the 18th).

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If FF 73 was shut down before getting released why did I not get a notification for 73.01.

If the release was Jan 20 why is there no notification since mid Feb 2020?

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Firefox 73 was released on February 11, 2020. Firefox 73.0.1 was released on February 18, 2020, but not everyone was able to download that release on that specific day.

Firefox 73.0.1 addresses some issues users were experiencing on certain systems.

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