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Add a 'Bookmark Folder' location to the Bookmark Library

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Add a column to the bookmark library that indicates the folder where the bookmark is located. For example, in the screen shot (bookmark1), for the last bookmark, have a column that will show the location (NOT URL) of which folder(s) that bookmark is in. Based on the second screenshot (bookmark2), the folder is 'Home\Time Wasters\'. 'Home\Time Wasters\' would be in the 'Bookmark Folder' column, that would need to be added. See bookmark3.

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If you can't find all of your bookmarks and bookmark folders in Firefox Quantum (version 57 and above), try this solution:

  1. Click on the Library 57 library icon icon on your Firefox toolbar.
  2. Click on Bookmarks, then click on Bookmarking Tools.
  3. Click on Add Bookmarks Menu to Toolbar.
    • A Bookmarks Menu Bookmark Menu icon (star on tray) icon will be added to your toolbar.
  4. Click on the new Bookmarks Menu icon. You should get the same Bookmarks Menu as in earlier Firefox versions.

Let us know if this solves the problem.

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Add a 'Bookmark Folder' location to the Bookmark Library is a feature that has been requested by many users over the last 11 years, since "Places" came about in Firefox 3.0. Overall, the developers have never added such a feature to Firefox, and users have resorted to using an extension / add-on for adding that feature to their Firefox installation.

There have been a number of different add-ons available over the years; currently this is the closest to that feature. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/bookmark-search-plus-2/

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11 years and a simple column can't be added to a list control. Says a lot about the developers of Firefox. I have been using Firefox since it was Netscape Navigator and over the years have seen good features pruned/killed off to be replaced by flights of fancy, that are basically cumbersome, badly designed and don't work as well as what was replaced, that someone at Firefox Central thinks is "cool". How about just adding some simple things that anyone with a bit of common sense would see as being a simple, nice addition.

And sorry Edmeister, bookmark-search-plus-2, I've just installed it and it is ridiculous, kludgy and nearly impossible to use - a simple column in the Library would be some much better. Just kill off "Visit Count" and replace it with "Folder" would make every ones life so much easier....
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Hi, there is only one reason I don't use Mozilla as default browser : BOOKMARKS saving a website is a three or 4 step process, too long. There is no "organize your bookmarks" tool. There is no tool to search per date in a one folder.

I for one save all my bookmarks in folders in the toolbar. It takes me "saved in library", "edit bmrk" , scroll to toolbar, scroll to other folders... undoable if you are a journalist or researcher.

The best bookmarks system is/was Maxthon 4, -- easy save, favorites search per date or keyword, edit history, etc, and Microsoft's, which I prefer not to use. Can you fix this and announce it? best Gadi Child gadichild@gmail.com

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Hi, just adding that I cannot send a pix, but you see all folders in one page, can move them up or down, use sub-folders, you can even edit their titles, cancel them, move them to another folder as you would do in File Explorer. In my case it's life-changing and a huge time saver .

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See also this extension (you can hover the folder column to get the full path in a tooltip).